Saturday 23 Sep, 2017

Starting at 9am

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One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

The MeasureCamp Training Day

MeasureCamp preparations are now in full swing with over 100 tickets already snapped up.  We thought the first release of 50 tickets was fast going in 15 min but the second release only lasted 3 minutes!!  Plus we have a heap of international attendees already booking flights and accommodation.  There are still two more ticket releases to go so plenty of opportunity to get your ticket.

The big new addition to MeasureCamp IV is a day of training on the Friday.  The key reason is quite simply to increase the level of knowledge within the European Digital Analytics community, pretty much the reason behind the conference too.  We believe it will also help for people who are travelling to London, giving them two days of events to attend to make the trip really worthwhile.

At this stage, we have a lot of ideas about how the training workshops will work but nothing has been confirmed as yet.  We plan to announce a schedule and prices at the end of Jan with registration being opened up as soon as possible after that.  There will be a charge to attend but we intend to keep this to below £100 for the day, just to cover our costs.

The workshops will be either half or full day sessions.  Class sizes should be pretty small in most sessions, probably a max of 10 or 12.  Not sure yet how to handle the distribution of tickets to keep it fair to everyone and it may up being a first come, first served approach.  All training will be held at the same venue as MeasureCamp, at etc.venues Victoria.

We need some feedback though, on the topics people would like to see covered during the day.  Our current wishlist covers

  • Tool based sessions
    • Google Analytics (likely multiple covering different areas & different levels of expertise)
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Adobe Analytics
  • More general tool based skills
    • A/B Testing
    • Survey/Voice of Customer
    • Usability
    • Predictive Analytics
  • Other Digital Analyst skills
    • Presentation/story telling
    • Defining KPIs
    • Running workshops/providing training
  • Important information
    • Privacy

So, this is a call out for feedback on workshop training topics.  Can you leave responses as a comment on this blog post, via twitter with the hashtag #measurecamp, on the training workshops post on Google+ or by emailing myself at  Feel free to +1 on other people’s suggestions too.  You can make requests for sub topics to be included within training workshops too.

Note that one topic that won’t be included is any Web Analytics or Google Analytics 101 classes.  We are focussing on up-skilling existing members of the community with this first day of training, not on teaching the basics (it may be a future option).  These classes will be hard, they will be challenging but that’s the best way to learn.


  1. Tool based sessions
    Google Analytics (likely multiple covering different areas & different levels of expertise)
    Google Tag Manager

    More general tool based skills
    A/B Testing

    Other Digital Analyst skills
    Presentation/story telling

  2. Ross McDonnell says:

    Things I’d personally like to learn this year are basic statistical theory (I’m probably talking GCSE level!) and try yet again to get my head around R (and if / examples of where it’s actually useful). Also Adobe DTM.

    From the list above, I think predictive analytics (does this include forecasting?) and presentations, story telling (& visualization) are very relevant topics.

  3. Chris Russell says:

    Personally, as someone who’s always keen to broaden my skill set (particularly as Google produces tonnes of video and blog content on G.A.)…

    I’d love to learn more about web analysts can become even more influential by using other tools to their arsenal, e.g. advanced excel/SQL. Some of the predictive analytics method that Ross mentions would also be really interesting to see.

  4. Petr Havlík says:

    How about integrating multiple data sources to give more context? Eg GA & CRM integration and the best ways to achieve that.

  5. Diego Marquinez says:

    Some ideas:
    – data visualization
    – CRM and BI integration
    – segments/personas definition

  6. Dan Cave says:

    Anything on GTM would be great, the documentation is awful.

    Other things might be Data Viz and dashboarding using datasets from both onsite and from web data.

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