Saturday 17 Mar, 2018

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

“Ask Me Anything” – Advanced Google Analytics – Training XI

About this course

Advanced 3 hours ATTENDEE DRIVEN

This workshop is for Google Analytics users looking to learn advanced skills. Will cover key configuration options and all of the newer/more advanced features of Google Analytics. Bring your advanced questions and the agenda will be driven by the attendees!

Example Topics

  • Understand the range of reports & information available through Google Analytics

  • Able to configure GA Views using View Settings, Filters, Goals, Dimensions, Metrics, Calculated Metrics, Content Grouping & Channel Groupings

  • Able to create Dashboards, Custom Reports & Shortcuts

  • Use of Advanced Segments, changing Primary & Secondary Dimensions and applying Advanced Filters

  • Use the full range of Google Analytics reporting including Flow Reports, Multi Channel/Attribution, Demographic data, etc

  • Learn a set of tips, tricks and hacks from a Google Analytics expert



Attendees are encouraged to prepare questions that will be discussed during the session.



Peter O’Neill

Peter has over 10 years of experience with Digital Analytics and is a co-founder of LeapThree, a Digital Analytics consultancy based in London.

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