Saturday 17 Mar, 2018

Starting at 9am

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One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Lean Product Optimisation

About this course

Beginner – Advanced 3 hours ATTENDEE DRIVEN

In this workshop, Craig Sullivan will teach the complete lifecycle of his Methodology for Optimising Products.  From initial research and sizing up what tools to apply and where to test – you’ll then learn how to generate solid hypotheses for product changes and how to build, implement and iterate designs using AB testing, data and feedback.You will find out how to stop guessing about product design and figure out what defects or product areas cost you money, what people actually want and which things will really make a difference to your performance figures.  You drive the topics today – so you help help finding, prioritising and launching credible tests, with statistics and washup reports to share with your team.

Craig will share hands-on techniques covering Lean Analytics, Research Tools, Prioritisation, AB testing, Voice of Customer, UX Research and Hypothesis Generation.  With a complete slide pack, A3 worksheets, downloads and printables – you’ll be better armed to transform your own teams.


Attendees are encouraged to prepare questions that will be discussed during the session.



Craig Sullivan

Craig has been hacking the growth of websites, products and teams at the likes of John Lewis, Lovefilm, Autoglass, Lego and Google in the past few years.

He’s run over 40M visitor split tests in 34 countries and 19 languages, so has made *every* mistake in the book. Every stupid wasted test.

He’s finally worked out how to blend a range of tools, techniques, methodologies and team cultures into a better, data driven machine for growth, cost reduction, churn optimisation and more. Learn how.

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