Saturday 23 Sep, 2017

Starting at 9am

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One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Gold: Decibel Insight

Decibel Insight enables digital teams to discover where both technical and experiential issues are on their website – and how they can fix them.

From the moment Decibel Insight is deployed on a particular website, advanced machine learning algorithms work behind the scenes to calculate what a ‘normal’ user experience looks like. This intelligence feeds in to a central dashboard, which surfaces customers who have had a bad or unusual experience, and displays problem website areas.

The insights raised in this dashboard can be investigated in microscopic detail by a full customer experience analytics suite, including video recordings of user journeys, dynamic website heatmaps, form analytics, and a whole host of behavioural and performance reports.

Be it a javascript error, an unoptimized form, or an inefficient checkout journey, Decibel Insight automatically detects issues in the customer experience that are missed by traditional analytics tools.

We are proud to work with the world’s best-known brands, including Lego, British Airways, General Motors, Gucci, Tesco, EE, Experian and Asda.

Moreover, recognition of our efforts has come from the highest levels of the tech sector – including the Adobe Marketing Cloud Innovation Award in 2015, and a premier-tier partnership with the Adobe Exchange Program in 2016 – and is testament to the increasing importance of our technology in the wider digital market.




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