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Silver: Calltracks

One of our customers actually said it best when they described us as “Google Analytics for Phone Calls”.

That being said we do integrate with a lot of 3rd party platforms including the likes of GA to help you get more from your data – and plug the gap by providing the link that is usually lost whenever someone picks up the phone when browsing via a desktop, mobile or tablet site.

This allows you to track phone calls as a ‘goal conversion’  allowing you to get a more complete understanding of a websites overall performance and you can then analyse this information alongside form fills and other conversions / touch points.

The Calltracks software is very user-friendly and will enable you to get the most out of your data. The software comes with a variety of default reports and includes the ability to produce completely customised ones as well, showing you the data you want in the way you want it.

For advanced users there is a further option for CRM integration so as well as being able to understand call volumes, you can see if those calls generate sales and the the associated revenue. This allows you to truly understand your ROI and see what channels (or even keywords) generate the most profitable results.

Through our fully functional API this visitor and call data can even be fed into your CRM system and a whole host of other platforms should you want to analyse and interrogate the data in other ways.

One of the other unique features of the Calltracks solution is the ability for you to track calls across 64 countries worldwide, allowing you to compare the results of multi-location campaigns side-by-side.

Ultimately the software will allow you to optimise for revenue and not just for conversion.

If you want to find out more or even see if you qualify for a FREE TRIAL please call us today on 0203 199 4554.


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