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Hello MeasureCampers!

A big thank you. You helped us formulate the idea for our product and we’d be really grateful for just a little more help still: Please be kind enough to sign-up to our trial product at and try using it for internal or external clients to improve their briefing, or try totalling the hours going into each of your analyses or totalling the value the business has realised by using the insight from your analysis.

In our corporate language ::

TestBoard is an Analysis Management Platform. It helps analysts, data scientists, their colleagues and partners to push the most valuable analyses for their organisation, through the insight generation process, in an optimised, time-effective manner.

From the early stages of an enquiry, when colleagues need help to structure their briefs as best they can, to the end-of-year assessment of the value generated by the analytics team, TestBoard’s open and transparent method helps to drive structure, prioritise and progress the most valuable analyses through your workflow to establish an optimised process and highlight the organisations’ hero analysts.

Contact: Colin Smith



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