Saturday 22 Sep, 2018

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Ticket Offer for First Time Speakers

Apparently it can be difficult to get a MeasureCamp X ticket with the two releases to date being snapped up in less than a minute.  We have released 120 tickets so far and demand is far exceeding that.  In an attempt to make the process easier, the next release at 2pm Wed 18th Jan will be for 150 tickets.  Hopefully these will last more than a minute and everyone who is there at the time of the release can claim a ticket (if you are late, too bad). There will then be one final ticket release on the 2nd Feb.

One of the aims of MeasureCamp though is to encourage people to get on stage and to share their knowledge.  We get a lot of knowledge being shared but it feels people newer to MeasureCamp are holding back, that they are a bit shy about getting on stage themselves. So for this, the 10th edition of MeasureCamp London, we are making 10 extra tickets available to first time MeasureCamp speakers.

To claim one of these tickets, email me at with the title and a couple of lines for your session (if you want to go all out, submit a session card). We will announce the lucky recipients of these tickets in the coming weeks. And yes, we will hold you to your promise, so no backing out!

Remember a session doesn’t have to be a presentation, you don’t actually have to get on a stage.  It can be discussion on a topic you find interesting.  You can tell a story about an issue you resolved at work and ask who else has had similar issues.  You can even raise a question you have been unable to solve and see if someone else has a solution.  Room come in all sizes, you can claim the small room for a dozen people.  Check out the session board from MeasureCamp IX for inspiration.

Take the step, submit your session and claim your free ticket – and see you on the 25th Mar.


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