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Upgrading the MeasureCamp Swear Jar

One of the traditions at MeasureCamp is the Swear Jar. It started way back at the first MeasureCamp, courtesy of Ashley Lindley and a few of us enjoying the later stages of a Web Analytics Wednesday. The swear words are those that Digital Analytics people shouldn’t be using, usually due to being buzzwords/jargon. We want people sharing knowledge which means explaining concepts, not avoiding them.

More details and lists of previous “swear words” can be found in these blog posts from previous MeasureCamps. Key point to note, all money raised goes to charity.

There are two purposes for this blog post.  The first is a request for “Measure swear words”, please leave in the comments or via G+.  If you make a suggestion, you also get to nominate a charity.  The second is a request to think about how much you swear…

See, the MeasureCamp Swear Jar is always worth a bit of a laugh and it does help to keep people focused on talking through ideas instead of glossing over them with a bit of jargon. But we have not raised much money for charity, once there was a couple of hundred quid but last MeasureCamp it was only £40 which is about average.

I want more than that, we have 200+ people in the room and £40 is only 20p each. I would like to be donating over £1,000 to a worthwhile charity in a couple of weeks’ time, preferably over double that.

Let’s think this through. Say 250 people. Getting a free breakfast, lunch and plenty of drinks. Oh yeah, and a free conference with an incredible amount of knowledge being shared from the top people in the industry. That would usually cost a few hundred pounds. Just saying…

So I ask people to think about the past six months. The language they have been using. Whether they may have sworn once or twice or twenty times. And should they be slipping a bit of paper money into that swear jar as a result. Possibly the same amount of money that the bacon & egg roll to start the day and those couple of beers to end the day would have cost.

Don’t forget to suggest some swear words and to nominate a charity.

Thanks in advance



  1. YM Lemaître says:

    In September, I said three times the word “Big Data”, and left three quids. So this time, I shall say “Big Data” a bit more often, as “Big Data” is my suggested swear word. You will tell me, you wrote “Big Data” on the MC blog, so that is already a swear… OK, since I wrote “Big Data” five times here, I’m in for five quids minimum (who knows what may happen next Saturday?).
    As for the choice for a specific charity, I leave it to you, Peter.

  2. Daniel says:

    For the charity I would suggest: Open Doors ( they are doing great work serving people in need, for example in Syria

  3. Amrdeep Athwal says:

    My nomination is for joined up marketing – it means nothing and my charity is do some great wok and could help cure a multitude of ailments

  4. Alice moore says:

    My nomination is Audiencecentric. Apparently we should be creating audienccentric websites which really give visitors what they want. I know its a novel idea!

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