Saturday 16 Jan, 2021

Starting at 9am

Virtual MeasureCamp


MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, different to any other analytics conference held around the world.

Tickets Sold Out

MeasureCamp is an unconference, the schedule is created on the day and speakers are fellow attendees. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and participate in sessions, even to lead sessions themselves. You focus on what YOU find most interesting and useful.

Due to Covid 19, we are currently unable to hold a MeasureCamp in person and there were no MeasureCamps held in the UK throughout 2020. So let’s start 2021 off the right way. All four MeasureCamp cities in the UK are joining forces to hold a virtual MeasureCamp on 16th Jan.

We use the virtual events platform Remo to host virtual MeasureCamps. The focus for us has been to keep the same atmosphere & culture of a MeasureCamp, just moving it online. It will be different but also the same. Get a ticket, book that day out and get ready for the exchange of ideas that always happens at a MeasureCamp.

As a concept, unconferences are designed to encourage discussions & exchange of ideas and have proven to be extremely popular in recent years. They provide an alternative to the traditional one-way conferences through a more collaborative social framework for knowledge sharing. With its small discussion group format and the schedule defined and curated by attendees, MeasureCamp provides participants with the ultimate opportunity to learn, develop and network with peers, consultants and vendors.

This will all still happen, it will just be online.

If you would like to sponsor the first virtual MeasureCamp UK – please get in touch with

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