Saturday 21 Sep, 2024

Starting at 8.30am doors open

Etc Venues Fenchurch Street

etc.venues Fenchurch Street, 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB

New Speaker Series: 1 – A Leap Of Faith

9:55 am: Breath deeply. Here we go!

. . .

9:56 am: Website open  [check] Mobile website open  [check]

. . .

9:57 am: This is the slowest 5 minutes in the history of time. You’ve already been waiting patiently for months for these tickets to be released however, these last 5 minutes seems to last forever.

. . .

9:58 am: Move the mouse a bit, make sure your computer doesn’t go to sleep. Check the time on your phone, same as the time on the clock on your laptop. Yes, everything seems ok.

. . .

9:59 am: Your boss is lurking, you know you’re supposed to attend that client meeting at 10 but these tickets are just too damn precious. To hell with the client!

. . . .

10:00 am: GO! GO! GO!, Refresh! Refresh! Refresh! “Arrrgghhhh damn it, why is the page taking so long to load?”

. . .

10:01 am: “GOT IT! MeasureCamp 12 here I come!” You breathe a sigh of relief!

You look over to your mate. She’s got her head buried in her hands. You know that feeling all too well. There sits a defeated woman, she didn’t get her ticket. You want to offer some comforting words but you know that she alone must bear this burden and face up to it. And just like that, something happens, the look of defeat on her face changes to hope, this was only the first round of ticket releases. Her day will come.

Sound familiar? OK, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic but it probably wasn’t too far off either. These tickets are usually gone in under a minute so you know how lucky you are. So whether this is your first MeausureCamp or not doesn’t really matter, because, for a few long moments, we are all united. Next time you might not be so lucky and you know it.

You have your ticket, now you have a decision to make; do you simply turn up, observe and hope that someone else will make this event memorable for you or do you take a leap of faith and join the ranks of the brave few who help transcend MeasureCamp past the limits of human possibility and into the realm of the impossible. You know what you have to do, you just need to do it. Print off a card and put your name up on that board! Sadly, this is not a decision I can make for you, you must dig deep and empower yourself… stand in your inner strength. I will simply leave you here with the voices of your ancestors…

Happy MeasureCamping

– Bhav (TwitterLinkedIn / Website)



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