Saturday 21 Sep, 2019

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Product analytics and understanding business requirements – Alice Moore

Session Description

So you have a digital product which needs new or better analytics? What are the steps you need to take to achieve this? Who are the people in the business you should be working with and how does what they say translate into the world of analytics.

This session is to introduce product analytics going through the full cycle from requirements to KPI Reporting.

This is not about how to create tags it is about knowing which tags you need and what are the key pieces of information you need to do the best job you can.

Session Contents

What is product analytics?

  • How is it different to other types of analytics?

  • Why is it important?

  • Different tools for product analytics

Working with the business:

  • Gathering and Interpreting Business requirements

  • How do you work with the business to create meaningful KPIs?

Product development and future proofing:

  • How do I engage with product teams, often in multiple locations?

  • Which other tools outside of analytics should I learn?

  • What is Agile?

Session Audience

This is a session for digital analysts who have been focused on other areas like Marketing or CRO. It is also a good workshop for any product managers who want to understand more about the analytics within their product.

About the Trainer

Alice J Moore has been working in Digital and Product Analytics for almost 10 years at companies like BBC, Disney and the Guardian. Work with development and product teams to make the most of their data. Recently she has just finished a stint as a Product Manager of Customer Insight at John Lewis.  A veteran of Measurecamp, she has previously run other training sessions on implementation, Adobe Analytics and insight.