Saturday 16 Jan, 2021

Starting at 9am

Virtual MeasureCamp


Downloadable Session Cards

One of the areas MeasureCamp, and indeed any unconference struggles with, is managing the session board. The common practice, which we have used, is to distribute blank post-it notes or A5 art cards to attendees to use. We rely on everyone to write clear meaningful titles in large easy to read print – which some of us (ok me) struggle with.

After one of the first measurecamps, Tim Leighton-Boyce made a simple practical suggestion. Why don’t you design a template that anyone can download and use in advance? Genius. Below are three formats to download and type in advance

Also to help us get the digital schedule up faster, please cut and paste your session card content into a google form in addition to downloading the printable card. 



Session card word

Session card as PPT



So please, prior to MeasureCamp, feel free to download & print off a copy yourself so you can write or tyoe your session in advance.

One you are done, feel free to take a photo & share on Twitter, Linkedin     or instagram Ask for feedback in advance, did you get the tags right?  Bring with you so you can stick on the session board as soon as it opens.

And we appreciate feedback too, please let us know how to make this template even better.


Founder, MeasureCamp


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