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How to get started with Land Registry Data Competition – your final chance for a GUARANTEED TICKET and other lesser prizes 

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening MeasureCampers! We’re looking forward to seeing you all once again. There’s just over 10 days left until your submissions needs to be in for the Land Registry Data Visualisation competition but fear not! There’s still plenty of time to blend your data, ETL to your hearts’ content and then viz away using your tools of choice.

A question we have been asked is ‘How do I get started?’ and ‘what types of data are available?’ In today’s blog post we will answer exactly those questions, taking you through the process.

Land Registry is the official government organisation for tracking precisely who owns what land in the UK. The data is open source and can be freely downloaded here:

Clickthrough to this link and you will see that there are multiple datasets.

Price Paid data – Data regarding the date, price and location of all transactions in the UK since 1992 when the electronic register was started. With granularity down to a single transaction and exact address, postal codes, cities and towns as primary keys, this is a very powerful data set for market insight, analysing trends. There are guidance notes to explain all the column headers and methodology. The data can be downloaded as a csv and comes in All time, Year to Date and Last Completed Month flavours.

Ownership Data – As it says on the tin this one is all about who owns what Both foreign and domestic owners). Due to the sensitivity of personal information of owners and also that some land deeds are freaking ancient, this data set has a lot more barriers to usage. You’ll have to register, agree to terms and conditions and send a request for access including your use case.

Spatial Data – ‘A dataset which allows you to map stuff’ – The ultimate mapping data up to ISO standards. This is the stuff that dreams are made of… if you replace dreams with Google Maps. You’ll need a INSPIRE compatible mapping software to work effectively with this dataset.  And no I don’t know what that is either but I leave it to one of you MeasureCamp Heroes to find out!

Happy Viz-ing and we look forward to seeing all your entries presentations at MeasureCamp London 13


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