Saturday 16 Jan, 2021

Starting at 9am

Virtual MeasureCamp


Getting started with R for web analysts – Richard Fergie

The goal for the course is that by the end of the session everyone should be able to use R to get data out of the Google Analytics API – I’ve never been 100% successful at reaching this, but I mostly do better than 90%.

This session will cover:

  • Why coding?
  • Why R?
  • Introduction to Rstudio
  • Basic operations with R
  • Reading and writing data with CSV files
  • Creating oauth credentials for Google Analytics
  • Using the Google Analytics API
  • Introduction to ggplot
  • Simple forecasting 9. Generating automated reports


This session is aimed at beginners. It is for anyone who is curious about applying R in their daily work to automate and reduce the workload by using the built-in tools and libraries. It will, however, be beneficial to have played around in R before starting the class.

Equipment required:

  • A computer with R, and R studio installed
  • A Google account (preferably with full access to at least one Google Analytics account)

About the Trainer

Richard Fergie is one of MeasureCamp’s most well-received trainers, delivering content and training for us both in the training days and during the main event. With a decade worth of experience in web analytics, statical modeling and machine learning, he’s one of the industries top minds, as well as being a skilled trainer able to teach courses from 101 level and up.