Saturday 22 Sep, 2018

Starting at 9am

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One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Modelling Hacks for Google Analytics and CRO – Craig Sullivan – Sold Out!

Session Description – Sold Out!

In this workshop, you’ll see how to walk the tag firing on a site, create a model for different kinds of problems and dig this data out of Google Analytics. Modelling complex sites and reducing this to simple metrics and numbers you can run – is a very useful skill, isn’t hard to do and can be used with almost any problem. Craig will give you example models, case studies and a sure-fire method for finding device experience bugs on any site in less than an hour.

About the Trainer

Craig Sullivan has been training at MeasureCamp multiple times and is one of our most well-received trainers. He became a MeasureCamp Legend at MC 10, and has recently taught over 200 students with a 20-hour course on CRO – and the most popular module showed people how to walk through, sketch, model and understand any part of a website.

Session Audience

This session is for people who have intermediate to advanced level GA skills – and want to learn how to figure out flow and blockages in a product. You should be familiar with filters, advanced segments and creating custom reports – but you get a pack of grids, report templates, tools and slides to take away.

This session has sold out!

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