Saturday 21 Sep, 2019

Starting at 9am

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One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Modelling Hacks for Google Analytics, UX and CRO – Craig Sullivan

Session Description

In this workshop, you’ll see how to create simple models for many different kinds of websites, landing pages, forms, flows, funnels or journeys. Modelling complex sites and products by reducing those to simple metrics, flows and loss rates –is an incredibly useful skill. Identifying common repeatable patterns and how you can apply these to different problems, Craig will explain how you can find simple structures within even the most complicated setups and data. With a series of models, he’ll walk you through what to use, when to use them and how to lift or automate the data from Google Analytics. This was the most popular module in a course Craig ran for over 100 students, because it combined practical skills with how to use patterns, sketching and models. You’ll get excel sheets, reports, worked examples, case studies and all the tools you need to repeat these models for any website or product. If you want to know how to think about different types of product or website patterns, this is the course for you.

Session Audience

This workshop is for people with intermediate to advanced level GA skills –but want to figure out how to rapidly work out the flow, blockages and patterns within a product or site. You must be familiar with GA filters, advanced segments and custom reports as we take you through a complete pack of templates, grids and tools you’ll need to use. Familiarity with the GA API or spreadsheet tools that pull data from GA would be a bonus, but isn’t required as we’ll explain these too!

About the trainer

Craig has been hacking UX, Analytics, AB Testing and Research Toolkits for over 12 years, to get better outcomes for companies like Google, Amazon, Spotify, Eurostar, Lego, Asos and Red Bull. He’s really hacked off at how badly Google Analytics is configured and is on a mission to increase awareness of this issue and get it fixed. You can find him tweeting stuff or arguing with people as @optimiseordie or just grab him at Measurecamp

Session Requirements

We will cover everything you need to create models yourself, so you won’t need live access to GA during the workshop. If you want to share a live site example we can model for you with the class, please send this through at least a week before the workshop, so we can take a look.

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