Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

MeasureCamp Product Demonstrations

There are 12 sessions at MeasureCamp allocated for Product Demonstrations. We are now calling for vendors who wish to take advantage of this opportunity to present their product to 100+ people from the Digital Analytics community. This will be a win-win situation – there are lots of tools & product which would prove incredibly useful for people working in Digital Analytics but practitioners are simply not aware of them.

All product demonstrations will need to be focused on benefits of the tool, they cannot be sales pitches showing off flashy features. Indeed, as attendees are some of the top Digital Analysts in Europe, the presenters will need to be ready to handle difficult questions from experienced users. The practitioners will want examples of how they can get actionable insights from a tool before they are willing to invest time and money in it.

The intention is to have two vendors present during each 30 min session, ideally of related tools allowing attendees to compare benefits. This is subject to demand so demos may end up being for the full 30min if there is not sufficient interest. For the full MeasureCamp programme, please check out the Session Grid.

Note there is no charge for a slot during a product demonstration session.

Our sponsors will be demonstrating their tools and any vendors who are currently attending are invited to do the same (TagMan & SnowPlow for instance). For all vendors who do not have a ticket but would like to demo their product, please get in touch. We cannot guarantee a Product Demonstration slot or a ticket to MeasureCamp but will consider all requests.

As an indication of the type of Digital Analytics tools which would be great to be presented at MeasureCamp, we have drawn up a quick list:

  • Social Media Analytics – WebTrends, Radian6, Conversocial
  • Social Influence – PeerIndex, Kred, Klout
  • Session Recording – ClickTale, SessionCam
  • Testing – Optimizely, Visual Website Optimiser
  • Tag Audit – ObservePoint
  • Tag Management Systems – Tag Commander, TagMan, Ensighten, Tealium
  • Call Tracking – CallTracks, Ad Insight, Infinity
  • Web Analytics – GoSquared, MixPanel, SnowPlow
  • Data Visualisation – Tableau, Geckoboard
  • Google Analytics Extract – GA Dashboards, Next Analytics, Excellent Analytics GA Data Grabber, Tatvic
  • Data Warehousing – iJento, RJ Metrics, Quantivo

For Vendors – If you are interested in demonstrating your product, please leave a comment on this blog post or email John D’Arcy (Analytics & Insights Director, Foviance) at

For Attendees – are there any tools we are missing here that you would love to get a demo of? If so, please leave a comment or tweet on the #MeasureCamp and we will add to the list. Or if you are using a Digital Analytics tool that you find incredibly valuable, we would be happy to have you demonstrate this tool during one of these sessions too.