Saturday 30 Sep, 2023

Starting at 8.30am doors open

Etc Venues Fenchurch Street

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Session Descriptions

Non Retail Ecommerce Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Sibel Akcekaya

In this session we will cover the main differences between retail and non-retail ecommerce analysis and focus on segmentation for non-retail analysis. Sibel will share examples, tips & tricks to getting the most out of your non-retail segments.

Media Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Alice Moore

The media industry has been facing an identity crisis in recent years. The natural transition of media consumption from print to online has rocked publishers traditional business models. As a result, the media web analyst faces a set of challenges different to their ecommerce counterpart. Alice Moore from the famous Lonely Planet travel guide will be discussing these challenges with you at her Media Analytics session.

Five for Five

Speakers: Florian Giudicelli, Gerry White, Guillaume Lombard, James Cornwall, Paul Cook

This session will allow five attendees to speak for a maximum of five minutes each – time is tight so they will be restricted to one or two ideas only.  It is an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to participate but finds the idea of leading a whole session too daunting.  The five slots in this session have been taken but we are still looking for five more people for later in the day.

VoC Integration

Speaker: Michael Feiner

Web analytics tools answer the how, where, and when questions. But they’re not particularly good at answering the why questions. That’s where Voice of Customer research such as surveys, polls, usability testing and focus groups come to play. In this session Michael will be focusing on surveys and how you can take your web analytics data up a notch by integrating survey data into your web analytics. It is a painful process at times but you will be rewarded by a wealth of insight you have never been exposed to before.

Internal Search

Speaker: Charles Meaden

Internal or onsite search is ubiquitous these days. However, very few analysts take the time to scrutinise this important customer interaction with their site. Charles Meaden is going to put that right. In this session he will explain why you must analyse internal search data and how to use this data to optimise your site. Don’t be fooled to think this session is all about the search results page optimisation. The implications are far reaching and could impact your content strategy as well as your search engine optimisation and paid search strategies.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Party Cookies

Speaker: Alison Smith

Cookies have been a hot topic of recent times. But in this session we want to take a different look at these rather tasty creatures. Drawing on her own experiences Alison Smith, one of the leading web analytics implementers in the UK, will be talking about some of the technical aspects of web analytics cookies and issues that could result from poor or inadequate implementation. This is promising to be a fascinating discussion for anyone interested in understanding how their web analytics data is calculated and how their efforts to track a visitor’s full journey could end up working against them. Look out for a surprise treat during this session!

Multi Channel Attribution

Speaker: Nicolas Malo

Marketers have long been struggling to quantify the value of all their marketing activities. Easy said; hard to do. To shed some light on this pertinent topic we invited Nicolas all the way from France to take us through some basic concepts, what should be measured and how to get actionable insights from multi-touch attribution.

Social Media Analytics

Speaker: Mecca Ibrahim, Great British Chefs & Christian Howes, Media Consultant

Is there anyone not interested in social media analytics? Join Mecca and Christian for a double header session. Mecca will cover the business aspects (i.e. what do the business stakeholders need from us analysts) and Christian will provide some analytics clarity over the metrics you really should be looking at in the sea of social metrics.

Managing Analytics in a Team of One

Speaker: Carol Sweeney, Independent Newspapers

If you are the only web analyst in your company then don’t miss this session. Carol has been running a one-person analytics practice for Ireland’s Independent digital sites for the past five years. She will share with us her tips on getting analytics insight actione;, managing stakeholders’ expectations through realistic analytics objectives; how to manage an efficient analytics hub; training and empowering data users to use the tools and gain confidence in the data; and how to nurture an analytics culture around you.

Lost in Translation – Understanding Your Business Audience

Speaker: James Gurd, Digital Juggler

As web analysts we think of ourselves as capable professionals. Yet no matter how good we are almost all of us have experienced the deflating feeling of working hard to make ourselves heard only for no real decision to be taken based on our recommendations. James Gurd of Digital Juggler will look at the reasons why that happens and what we should be doing to avoid it.

Analytics Management

Speaker: Nicholas Redding, Hargreaves Lansdown

What makes for a successful web analytics programme? The answer varies by organisation but some key principles remain the same. In this session Nick Redding, formally Group Digital Analytics Manager at Dyson and now Senior Web Analyst with Hargreaves Lansdown, will discuss three key principles of any robust analytics programme. Namely:

  • Team structure – what does a good web analytics team look like? Is a single analyst enough? What skill set, or combination of skill sets, is needed?
  • Organisational position – where does web analytics sit in an organisation? Does it belong to marketing, IT, ecommerce, insights or should it be independent?
  • Data integrity – how do you ensure sites are properly tagged and data is accurate in an organisation with multiple stakeholders managing multiple websites and marketing campaigns?

Join Nick in what is promising to be a stimulating debate.

App Analytics 101

Speaker: Marc Issel, the Economist

App measurement and analytics are one of those new fields of web analytics that most web analysts have yet to fully experience. Someone that has plenty of experience with app analytics is Marc Issel from the Economist. In this session Marc will be looking at what you should be considering before you start an app analytics implementation; review the different types of app analytics available and provide advice on other elements of app analytics.

The Privacy Trade-off: Is the Value worth the Cost?

Speaker: Conrad Bennett, Webtrends

2012 could easily be declared the year of privacy in the online analytics world. We’ve had the storm of the EU Directive on Cookies and privacy issues were constantly in the headlines. Some might think it is all behind us now. However, privacy is bound to be a big issue going forward. Conrad Bennett of Webtrends has been involved with the privacy debate from the outset. In this session he will provide an updated view of the cookie law and its practical implications. He will also introduce some compliance examples and ask what is next for privacy and cookies? It is bound to be a stimulating discussion as there isn’t right or wrong in this debate and plenty of room for interpretation.

Joining the Dots: Measuring the Shift to Mobile

Speaker: Chiin Tan, & John Woods, iJento

According to recent research Mobile Internet accounts for nearly 30% of Internet usage. Some of the most common uses are reading emails, location-related search and media consumption. No wonder the FT has seen a massive surge in mobile usage of its digital assests. In this session Chiin Tan from the FT and John Woods from iJento will look at how mobile alters the Internet landscape and the challenges it represents to the business. They will also look at how mobile fits into the FT’s multi-device consumer strategy.

Rethinking Campaign Tracking

Speaker: Rachel Sweeney

When analysts think of campaign tracking, they often just think of a URL Builder Tool, or QR codes, or using a URL Builder to track QR codes. Often overlooked, campaign tracking is integral to a digital measurement strategy and the foundation for any analysis. Whether it be attribution or channel specific, you must trust your traffic sources! This session will take you through devising a campaign tracking strategy, implementing it, integration with other data tools, housekeeping and reporting. It will cover digital, and may even go into the realms of offline. Rachel will be throwing out as many tips and tricks as possible in 30 minutes of practical advice and would like to invite you to join and share your favourite methods for tracking campaigns.

Conversion Rate Expectations

Speaker: Russ McAthy, Stream20

Succeeding as a web analyst is a key topic at MeasureCamp. Developing sound methodology and thought processes as well as being able to communicate insight effectively to senior management are crucial. Russ McAthy will cover these topics and demonstrate by example of forecasting conversion rate how web analysts could position themselves as insight champions within their organisations.

Content Analytics

Speaker: Alice Moore, Lonely Planet

Content is changing, being consumed in more forms than ever before. Users’ behaviour is changing at the same time – no longer do they just receive content, now they consume, judge and contribute. Analytics is key to helping with this change bringing all the sources together. With almost instant feedback data driven decision making is possible and is helping companies get the most out of their content. Alice Moore will explore the practical implications of these changes and offer some advice on how best to measure the effectiveness of your online content.

Google Analytics Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Tim Leighton-Boyce, CxFocus; Doug Hall, ConversionWorks; Phil Pearce, ConversionWorks

Rather than speculate over which GA tips we should present to you we asked you for your best GA tips. Our three wonderful curators have collected all tips and will present the best ones during this session. If GA is your main modus operandi then do not miss this session. You will even have a chance to ask our panel any GA-related questions.

SiteCatalyst Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Barry Mann

Barry has been using SiteCatalyst for several years now. He will be giving you his views about the 10 things to do on your first day to assess your SiteCatalyst implementation by 9:30. So kinda “SiteCatalyst: an hour a day” – only in half an hour. Straight to the point!

Webtrends Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Zeljka Stojanovic, Web Analytics Practitioner & Kelly McClean, Webtrends

Look out Webtrends users – you’re in for a treat. Zeljka and Kelly have vast experience of the Webtrends tool and will share their tips and tricks for both Webtrends 9 and 10. Topcis covered include mobile traffic segmentation, real time (sort of) reports for marketing spend optimisation and Webtrends scenario hacks.

Attribution Panel

Speakers: Russ McKathy, Stream20; Michael Froment, TagCommander; Nicolas Malo, OptimalWays

Following on from Nicolas’ earlier attribution session, this distinguishable panel will be taking your questions about multi-channel attribution. Come prepared with your best attribution questions – these attribution warriors will have an answer for you!

Naming Conventions in Web Analytics

Speaker: Gideon Delayahu, AEP Convert

One of the key elements of an optimal web analytics framework is easy-to-use naming conventions. You should aim for naming conventions that serve both the analyst (e.g. easy to sort, group and ungroup content) and legible for business stakeholders (e.g. they understand your data labelling and consequently your analytics reports). In this session Gideon will share key tips and tricks for structuring your web analytics naming conventions; what should and shouldn’t be included, segmentation through labelling and how to maximise the value of your data through correct naming.

Mobile Analytics 101

Speaker: Christian Howes, Media Consultant & Zeljka Stojanovic, Web Analytics Practitioner

Mobile analytics is yet another very hot topic these days. Whilst tracking visitors from mobile devices (and increasingly tablets) should be pretty straight forward it does pose some specific challenges. In this session Christian and Zeljka will talk about some of these challenges, provide some numbers about mobile usage and offer some advice on how best to tackle mobile measurement and analysis.

Online Marketing Analytics

Speaker: Richard Fergie, Reform & Pritesh Patel, Pauley Creative

Online marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance looking to improve return on investment (ROI). Beyond the obvious sales and lead generation objectives, marketing analytics can offer insights into customer preferences and trends. Despite these compelling benefits, most companies fail to ever realise the promises of marketing analytics. In this session Richard and Pritesh will discuss some key challenges and will provide some practical solutions to get you onto online marketing nirvana.

Customer Analytics

Speaker: Andrew Hood, Lynchpin Analytics

Whilst most websites have yet to maximise the potential of generic so called “best practice” optimisation opportunities, others, such as Amazon and Dell, are looking at customer analytics for the next uplift in online conversion rates. Yet developing a customer analytics programme is no mean feat. In this session Andrew Hood will take us through the key aspects of customer analytics, how to approach a customer analytics project and how it could benefit your company.