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Sara’s open letter to web analytics community

Sara de Velasco

Sara de Velasco is a Digital Marketing Manager working in house at a ticketing agent for London theatre bookings

Sara de Velasco is a Digital Marketing Manager working in house at a ticketing agent for London theatre bookings.

Measurecamp for marketers
I really enjoyed Measurecamp. It was great in terms of interesting content and speakers and everyone who attended was greatly involved and seemed genuinely happy to be there. There was a good balance between higher level and entry level content so people could find the right entry points of learning and engagement that worked for them. In analytics, as in most things, there is no universal truth so it’s great to hear different presenters with varying perspectives on key topics.

I’ll never get bored of attribution

I’ve attended Web Analytics Wednesdays and Conversion Thursdays and various other meetups but there are limited opportunities to delve deeper and really compare notes, which is something that was really valuable at the last Measurecamp.

I find it extremely valuable to have a conversation flow with analysts and try to achieve a better understanding between the two disciplines and when you can find an honest conversation between in house and agency people and vendors.


Call out to the community

In many web analytics talks and presentations, there’s a tendency to talk about best practice and look at examples from those at the forefront of the industry (for example around MVT and tag management). And while this is great, and I think there’s a lot to learn from best practise and those able to innovate, there’s a lot more to talk about when we consider the vast majority who aren’t doing all this. How do the majority of SMEs make those little steps that are needed to progress? What are the main struggles for vendors, agencies and clients to make this happen? If we’re going to get better at marketing as a whole, we need to spend more time looking at these real world limitations and challenges.

I would love to hear more about

  • Social media ROI: pure ROI through social media both paid and organic but with limited budgets
  • Multi-touch beyond first view and last click: especially for higher value purchases and instances where items are bought in a non-isolated manner but rather as groups where there may be several influencers and individuals involved at different stages of the decision making process
  • Dynamic sales cycles: where different audiences might be converting at different times of year such as school holidays, New Year trends, recession

… Oh, and more case studies of times when things didn’t work out

About Sara
I’m a Digital Marketing Manager who also gets offline. During my last year of Uni, I already had my eye on the internet, and wrote my final dissertation on ‘Fashion and the Internet’ featuring little known retailer ‘As Seen On Screen’ and so-cool-it-hurt start up Net-A-Porter. Immediately afterwards I started my career in Spain in Fashion PR in Madrid. When I moved to London I made it my mission to get into the digital thick of things and got my break online. Since then I have worked, on and offline, with the majority of Marketing mix elements, from pure play (branding and Social), media planning and buying, to e-commerce. I’m a balletomane who quotes Sheldon Cooper and Peter Griffin and everyone can instantly recognise me by my multi-coloured outfits.

You can find Sara on Linkedin and Twitter and of course, catch her at Measurecamp