Saturday 21 Sep, 2024

Starting at 8.30am doors open

Etc Venues Fenchurch Street

etc.venues Fenchurch Street, 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB

MeasureCamp Summary

MeasureCamp London #2 was successfully held on Sat 16th Feb.  We had 140 people attend, a great result given it was a Saturday that people were giving up.  The unconference format was enthusiastically taken up this time with the majority of sessions added on the day – some discussions were very impromptu indeed, ideas dreamed up during the morning.  Festivities continued at the afterparty till late…

Some of the presentations and summaries from the day have been added online:

And MeasureCamp has generated some follow up blog posts:

Finally, the MeasureCamp SwearJar raised £40 on the day for WaterAid but numerous people forgot to contribute after using bad MeasureCamp words during the event.  A fundraising page was added online to enable people to add donations (can be only a couple of pounds) in recognitions of the words they used – MeasureCamp SwearJar donations.

Let me know if any presentations or blog posts to add to this list.  Otherwise see you all in six to seven months for MeasureCamp London #3!!