Saturday 21 Sep, 2024

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Session Descriptions

Scheduled Sessions

Tag Management

Speaker: Iain Murphy (Tealium), Ed Brocklebank (DBI Elisa)

A panel consisting of a TMS vendor, a consultant and a client side user will discuss their experiences with Tag Management.  This session will answer the basic questions, highlight the value from using a TMS and describe the requirements to implement a TMS.

Google Analytics 101

Speaker: Andrew Hood (Lynchpin)

This will be an introductory session to Google Analytics covering some of the basics principles of the tool.  It is intended for non users of Google Analytics and those with questions on some of the basics.


Speaker: James Cornwall (Shell), Phil Pearce (ConversionWorks) & Geddy van Elburg (IonMoon)

Privacy has become one of the biggest issues in the Digital Analytics world with both legal and ethical concerns.  This session will cover the key issues and offer an opportunity to discuss what people think is acceptable and what is not.

Google Analytics Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Doug Hall (ConversionWorks), Tim Leighton-Boyce (CxFocus) & Matt Clarke (freelance)

This session will be a rapid fire selection of Tips and Tricks for getting more value out of Google Analytics.  Ideas will come from a couple of expert speakers plus contributors from other people attending the session.

SiteCatalyst Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Barry Mann (Tesco) & Chico Pacheco (Microsoft)

This session will be a rapid fire selection of Tips and Tricks for getting more value out of SiteCatalyst.  Ideas will come from a couple of expert speakers plus contributors from other people attending the session.

Webtrends Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Conrad Bennett (Webtrends)

This session will be a rapid fire selection of Tips and Tricks for getting more value out of Webtrends.  Ideas will come from a couple of expert speakers plus contributors from other people attending the session.

Campaign Analytics

Speaker: Richard Fergie (Reform) & Steve Lock (GPMD)

This will be a specialist session on approaches and methodologies for analysing the performance of marketing campaigns.  It will recommend the most useful KPIs for different marketing channels and how to use this data.

Member/Customer Analytics

Speaker: John Woods (iJento)

This will be a specialist session on approaches and methodologies for understanding Members or Customers.  It will look at how to track these people across multiple visits and what KPIs you should be thinking about to evaluate performance.

Useful Tools for Digital Analysts

Speaker: Craig Sullivan (Belron)

Web Analytics tools are only one source of intelligence for a Digital Analyst.  In this session, we’ll share the specialist tools that provide you with even more killer insights from your data landscape.  We’ll be covering the stuff practitioners use for testing, customer feedback, usability reviews, surveys, mobile testing, session replay, data visualization, collaborative working and much more.

Unscheduled Sessions

User Intent – Using the Long Neck

Speaker: James Cornwall, Shell

An analytical approach to focusing on User Intent and building frameworks and taxonomy around that data. This session is on a method and approach to help onsite optimisation.

Russell McAthy

Russell McAthy


Attribution – Last is not always the best

Speaker: Russ McAthy, Stream:20

Within this presentation we will discuss the different types of models, how you use each type of model. And how to communicate through the jargon to explain them to a business person. Attribution should not be a black box – we will open the box and uncover what people have been hiding.


Paying for it

Speaker: Nicholas Redding, Hargreaves Lansdown

Google Analytics changed the Digital Marketing landscape, and opened up Web Analytics to the masses. But as organisations grow their online presence, a free tool may not be enough. At what point do your analytics needs justify the expense of a paid solution? And how do you build a business case to secure funding?

Temina Moledina

Temina Moledina


Commercial analytics for non-profits

Speaker: Temina Moledina, WaterAid

Commerical analytics should inform marketing campaigns, conversion optimisation and product development but often this doesn’t happen. What are the challenges that non-profit organisations face in developing their commercial analytics? And what can we do both in-house and agency side to make the most of the opportunities available?


Customer Lifetime Value

Speaker: Yali Sassoon, SnowPlow

This will cover:

  1. Why customer lifetime value is important for informing marketing spend for acquiring new customers and up-selling existing customer
  2. Challenges associated with measuring and forecasting customer lifetime value
  3. Tools and techniques for overcoming those challenges, and how these vary for different types of business.
Peter O'Neill

Peter O’Neill


The Future for MeasureCamp

Speaker: Peter O’Neill, L3 Analytics (and founder of MeasureCamp)

This will be the second MeasureCamp in London. Anyone interested in organising future MeasureCamps, in London or anywhere else in the world or just giving their feedback is welcome to come along and be involved in discussions.



Measuring Content Marketing

Speaker: Adrian Kingwell, Mezzo Marketing

Is our content marketing effective? What metrics should we use? This session will challenge the current KPIs for content marketing and propose a better way to measure success.

James Gurd

James Gurd


Attribution analysis vs attribution modelling

Speaker: James Gurd, Digital Juggler

The goal of this session is to discuss what attribution analysis and modelling really mean and how they can be applied to help businesses make intelligent decisions. The first step will be to define the business questions and the commercial imperative for this work. The intended output is a sharing of knowledge, opinions and experience to help people better understand the difference between analysis & modelling.


Carmen Mardiros

Carmen Mardiros

Getting to the People behind the Keywords

Speaker: Carmen Mardiros, Mardiros Marketing

Popular keyword analysis techniques often lead to more questions than insights. This is because they’re numbers-focused rather than people-focused. As most good SEOs know, the power of keywords lies in the underlying intent of the searcher. But there is little information for us, practitioners, on how to actually determine meaning and intent in large keyword portfolios (often hundreds of thousands of rows).

In this session, I’ll show one possible approach for breaking down keyword portfolios into different intentions using the meaning of keyphrases. It is my hope that we can develop an analytical approach that applies to various verticals and is practical to use with large sets of data.

Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris


The five gravest threats to our future as Digital Analytics

Speaker: Andrew Morris, Gaia Insight at The Group

Andrew will debate and discuss what are the major threats to our industry. You can get a flavour of this session by reading his interview on the blog.



Charles Meaden

Charles Meaden

Does anyone outside this room care about Web Analytics

Speaker: Charles Meaden, Digital Nation

While ‘analytics’ is this years management buzz word, are some companies and agencies just paying lip service to it? This session will investigate whether this is a common problem among attendees and invite attendees to offer some ideas to getting round this.



Problem solving using AB/MVT or how to increase cross-sell revenue without impacting bookings

Speaker: Guillaume Lombard, WebTrends

In this session I will present a case study on how AB/MVT can be used to increase cross-sell revenue without impacting bookings providing that you have a decent strategy and know where you are going
This session will cover

  1. Defining goals and KPIs (and how to stick to them)
  2. Coming up with hypothesis and test ideas
  3. Learning from results and feed them back to your roadmap
John Lovett

John Lovett

The Digital Analytics Association (DAA)…What’s in it for me?

Speaker: John Lovett, President DAA (and Web Analytics Demystified)

The DAA has been advocating for the web and digital analytics community since 2004, but are they really representing a global perspective? Many think not. During this session, John Lovett President of the DAA, will lead a lively discussion about how the DAA believes its currently serving global members and then open the floor for debate about how it could be doing better. Everyone is encouraged to join including: DAA members, industry association skeptics, and the vehemently opposed. We welcome your input to help us understand how the DAA can support UK and global members.


Discovering the WHY, not just the WHAT

Speaker: Simon Robinson, SessionCam

The why behind the what, a somewhat tired adage now days. I’m keen to open the discussion up to look into the ways we investigate and resolve site and customer experience issues on a day to day basis, the tools we use and of course introduce some of the approaches we have seen in practise.