Saturday 30 Sep, 2023

Starting at 8.30am doors open

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etc.venues Fenchurch Street, 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB

MeasureCamp #6

MeasureCamp 6 was a very busy event, culminating with more than 270 of Europe’s best Digital Analysts meeting up in Central London. Here are all of the slides we managed to gather from the day. If your deck is missing from the list, or you have notes from one of the missing sessions, do drop them to @danbarker & they’ll be added.

Where there were no slides, we included photos, where there were no photos either we simply included the session title.

Here’s how the day began:


Here’s how things looked when the session board got busy:


And here, without further ado, are the titles, slides & photos from the many sessions held on the day:

11:00-11:30 Sessions

1: Is Last click dead? » Room: At Internet By: Tim Pope

No slides, but here’s a photo of Tim:

2: 4 Steps to better KPIs » Room: Mode Digital By: Ed Brocklebank

Slides are at:

3: Customer satisfaction: A barometer, a way to improve your site or both » Room: Tealium By: Thomas Loveridge

No photos or slides for this one sadly.

4: The digital measurement process » Room: CallTracks By: Penelope Bellegarde

5: Best CMS plugins for GTM » Room: Lynchpin By: Phil Pearce

Slides are at:

6: App Analytics » Room: Mezzo Labs By: Sid Shah

Slides are at:

7: Enhanced Ecommerce with Google Analytics » Room: Decibel Insight By: Edward Upton

Video from Yehoshua Coren (@AnalyticsNinja) to start the session (yes that was a swear)

11:35-12:05 Sessions

1: Tracking Offline Conversions » Room: At Internet By: Magdalena Petrova

2: Aaarrrrrr!!! Pirate Metrics » Room: Tealium By: James Gill

Blog post here:

3: 2 Invaluable charts for ecommerce analytics » Room: CallTracks By: Ed Brocklebank

2 Invaluable Charts For Ecommerce Analytics from Ed Brocklebank

4: Device Attribution » Room: Lynchpin By: Phillip Law

5: AB Testing & Analytics: The good, the Bad, the Ugly » Room: Mezzo Labs By: Kashif Yamin

6: How to integrate feedback data with web analytics data » Room: Ensighten By: Martijn Van Vreeden

Mayankho @Measurecamp – Integrate customer feedback data with webanalytics data from Mayankho

7: 25+ Ways to destroy Google Analytics » Room: Decibel Insight By: Charles Meaden

31 Ways To Destroy Your Google Analytics Implementation from Charles Meaden

12:10 – 12:40 Sessions

1: WTF is the difference between CRO and analytics? » Room: At Internet By: Matthias Bettag

Matthias kept his slides secret here, but we heard it was a great session.

2: Case Study: Implementation of Mixpanel+ Results » Room: Mode Digital By: Stefan Richter

3: Attribution models: How to use and the considerations » Room: Tealium By: Jacob Kildebogaard

Superweek 2015 traffic attribution from Jacob Kildebogaard

4: Where’s the business logic? » Room: CallTracks By: [anonymous]

5: A/B Testing Pitfalls » Room: Lynchpin By: Michal Parizek

6: Comparing GA ecommerce numbers with your sales DB: How close can you get » Room: Mezzo Labs By: Richard Pickett

No slides from this one sadly!

7: Your Experiences with integrating user research and Web Analytics » Room: Ensighten By: Paul Cook

8: Digital Analytics » Room: Decibel Insight By: [anonymous]

13:40 – 14:10 Sessions

1: Happy Analytics Tree Friends GA vs Adobe » Room: At Internet By: Alice Moore

2: How to: Recompute ROI using on- & off-line transactions with GA » Room: Mode Digital By: Bertrand Girard

Photo at:

3: Analytics Career Development » Room: Tealium By: Phil Pearce / Richard Fergie

Slides are at:

4: Getting buy-in from senior management & data-driven design » Room: CallTracks By: Dominic Hurst

Full blog post here:

5: NIX for ETL » Room: Lynchpin By: Andrew Hood

6: Customer Lifetime Value » Room: Mezzo Labs By: Pavel Jašek / Richard Fergie

7: Discussion: The why matters » Room: Ensighten By: Bárbara Mackey

8: Using UserID » Room: Decibel Insight By: Jim Williams

14:15 – 14:45 Sessions

1: User-centric analytics » Room: At Internet By: Jan Tichý

User-Centric Analytics (MeasureCamp Talk) from Medio Interactive, s.r.o.

2: If i could turn back time – from a users view » Room: Mode Digital By: Andrew Graham

The slides for this session were unfortunately lost in the past.

3: Health, PR and Measuring behaviour change » Room: Tealium By: Ed Hammerton

No slides, but we heard this was a good session.

4: Running Parallel Web Analytics tracking (e.g GA & Mixpanel) » Room: CallTracks By: Edward Upton

Don’t worry – more slides coming up soon!

5: What actually makes money » Room: Lynchpin By: Anna Lewis
Brainstorm photo at:

6: Attribution Modelling (How?) » Room: Mezzo Labs By: Alexander Holman-Butt

No slides or photos.

7: Agile Analytics » Room: Ensighten By: Samia Abara

No slides or photos.

8: Tag Rant » Room: Decibel Insight By: Simo Ahava

14:50 – 15:20 Sessions

1: Digital Analytics: The Career Path » Room: At Internet By: Jason Manu

No slides, but if you’re interested in this do use the menu to visit the Measurecamp Job Board.

2: R » Room: Mode Digital By: Guillaume Lombard

Comprehensive training material from Richard Fergie here:

3: Ethics & analytics discusion » Room: Tealium By: Tamsin Mehew

It would be unethical to share the information from this discussion without a full agreement audit trail.

4: search metrics brainstorm » Room: CallTracks By: Nicolas Malo

5: In house analysts » Room: Lynchpin By: Anna Lewis

The brainstorm photo is here again:

6: Customer Satisfaction Tool demo » Room: Mezzo Labs By: Dan Barker


Screengrab here:

7: The future of the analytics stack » Room: Ensighten By: Hugh Hopkins

8: SEO Datalayer: JSON-LD, supercharging your organic CTR » Room: Decibel Insight By: Phil Pearce

Slides are at:

15:50 – 16:20 Sessions

1: Implementing GTM with SCRUM methodology » Room: At Internet By: Ronan Chardonneau

No slides. A great session title though.

2: Your conversion rate sucks – what really happened with your campaign » Room: Mode Digital By: Steen Rasmussen

3: Discussion: How to build a good digital experience for buying online – beyond metrics » Room: Tealium By: Ricardo Tayar

4: Measuring The Real World: Live demo » Room: CallTracks By: Nick Walker

Immense. Photo here:

5: Blackhat Analytics 3: Do be evil: force awakens » Room: Lynchpin By: Phil Pearce

Slides are at:

Test/Quiz are at:

6: Recruiting » Room: Mezzo Labs By: Peter Jakus

Slideless in seattle.

7: Effective Customer Feedback & Measurement Frameworks » Room: Ensighten By: Sean Burton

Measurecamp 6 session: Effective Customer Feedback & Measurement Frameworks from Sean Burton

8: Learn attribution – alternative to data/rule driven » Room: Decibel Insight By: Panos Tsimpos

16:25 – 16:55 Sessions

1: “Measurethon” organising committee meeting (open to all) » Room: At Internet By: Phil Pearce

Contact @philpearce if you’re interested in getting involved.

2: Breaking down the barriers to the use of analytics » Room: Mode Digital By: Peter O’Neill

Slides at:

3: Don’t you have a Funnel view? » Room: Tealium By: Xavier Colomés

Slides here:

4: Feedback wanted! Implement your data layer in record time with Data Layer Doctor » Room: CallTracks By: Ed Brocklebank

Full site here:

5: Measure Camp Paris » Room: Lynchpin By: Nicolas Malo

6: 5 CRO myths » Room: Mezzo Labs By: Amrdeep Athwal

Measure camp pres 5 cro myths from Amrdeep Athwal

7: AMA ask me anything » Room: Decibel Insight By: Russell Mcathy & Gang

The day finished – as ever – with Peter O’Neill, Keely Jacob, and the rest of the mighty team rounding things off.

Thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful event yet again.

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