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Add the phone calls to your lead tracking

Your customers will pick up the phone to speak to you at the critical stages in their sales journey. Call-tracking data will enable you to match those vital phone calls to your customers’ online journey, so you see the full picture. Armed with this information you can identify your quality leads and make sure you speak to them first. With Calltracks you will also see how each of you marketing channels perform, and which ones deliver the buyers.

While companies say their marketing focus is on lead generation, many are wasting a lot of effort and money. Less than 50% of the leads generated get followed-up properly and too many of the quality leads never receive a call-back or anything else. The end result is that lots of the quality leads are being lost, fumbled, or missed. Many more never get tracked or put into the CRM. They are lost forever, never counted, and never contacted.

Call tracking data will let you see how each of your marketing channels perform, match phone calls to your customers’ online journeys, improve CX by providing real-time data enabling you to speak to your best prospects at the right time knowing what they want and need

Calltracks will help you improve ROI by helping you convert your quality leads first.   Talk To Us at Calltracks.

Consider the benefits of call tracking:

– Optimise marketing campaigns for sales not leads

– Improve CX and increase conversion

– Smarter customer conversions

– Inbound and outbound call recording and smart call analytics

– Real time visibility and actionable data

– Quickly identify and recycle the missed opportunities

– Easy set up, simple interface, and customisable reports.

– Available in over 70 countries worldwide.



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