Monday 30 May, 2022

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Gold: Calltracks

See what makes the phones ring and which channels provide the buyers.
Calltracks helps you understand the value in vast amounts of phone calls that come into your enterprise and which channels provide the buyers. It also allows you to analyse those calls to improve customer interactions, in the era of the customer this is a massive competitive advantage.

Better Sales Conversion –  Less wasted money and quite simply increased ROI
Calltracks has 14 years experience, working with all sorts of organisations and agencies to pinpoint the calls that matter, and also help revive those valuable fumbled, lost or missed calls.

Calltracks Gives You:

  • Improved UI and conversion.
  • Inbound and outbound recording (find the gold in those conversations and improve conversations with your customers in the future).
  • Real time visibility and actionable data.
  • Full function API for simple integration into other platforms.
  • Simple to use interface and Customisable Reports.
  • Static or dynamic numbers.
  • Available in 64 countries.

At Calltracks we do this and a whole lot more.
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