Saturday 21 Sep, 2019

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Gold: Observepoint

ObservePoint helps enterprise organizations meet the challenges of digital data governance by building a solid governance foundation for your business that can withstand the changing trends in how you use and collect data. With the power of ObservePoint’s automated auditing engine, you can more efficiently align cross-departmental teams to plan, deploy, QA and validate your implementation strategy, achieving unparalleled data quality and peace of mind.

Our Focus

Efficient and accurate data collection are at the core of any successful data-driven company. ObservePoint takes you from a manual tag auditing process to a designed data governance practice. The ObservePoint approach is built on leading industry research, best practices, thousands of implementation audits and analysis of millions of data collection points across the digital properties of the world’s leading brands. These insights are baked into the ObservePoint platform and then placed at your fingertips to make monitoring the tag, TMS, and other MarTech performance across your site easier than it has ever been.

Our Customer

With digital analysts still reporting that they spend up to 80% of their time cleaning and vetting data, brands like Tesco, BBVA, HSBC and more have increased efficiency, accuracy, and achieved greater ROI on their digital marketing strategy.


Drew Sellers, Account Director, EMEA
Twitter: @observepoint
Tel: +44 207 868 2239



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