Saturday 21 Sep, 2024

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Etc Venues Fenchurch Street

etc.venues Fenchurch Street, 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB

Gold Sponsor: Trackingplan

Trackingplan is an observability tool that saves time and pain for marketers, analysts, and tagging specialists. Installed in minutes, it automatically understands and monitors what your apps and websites send to any analytics, marketing or attribution integrations, and pixels.

That way, by having your implementations 100% audited around the clock with real-time, real user data, you can stop wasting time doing manual audits or maintaining synthetic scans.

Ensure data quality and attribution

Automate error detection and root cause analysis to get instant notifications about any error affecting the quality of your integrations, from traffic tagged in campaigns, front-end deployments, new events and properties, or changes in the behavior of the data sent to your marketing pixels.

Boost campaign performance

Be notified whenever your pixels disappear on the landings you’re sending traffic to, we find errors in the attribution of your campaigns, naming convention, or campaign tagging issues.

Avoid privacy breaches

Automatically detect privacy issues or security-sensitive data that shouldn’t have been forwarded to third parties.

Explore data and sessions in real-time without SQL knowledge

Explore the behavior of your data and your visitors’ journeys in real-time, including data collected through pixels and any other integrated tools, without waiting for analytics platform consolidation.

Ensure the quality of your data without and get rid of the manual hassle with Trackingplan

Our Customers

ISDIN or Zara, unicorns like Travelperk and Freepik, and mid-size companies such as Sprinter or Massimo Dutti trust our solution to enhance their business operations.

Trackingplan for Agencies

  • Manage more clients with the same team, enabling problem resolution before clients even notice.
  • Minimize the time required for manual validations, reducing employee burnout.
  • Boost campaign performance by minimizing errors and their impact.
  • Tailored pricing plans and collaborative formulas turn our solution into a new revenue stream.

Seamless Monitoring Starts with Trackingplan. Get started today for free and let it start working for you!

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