Saturday 21 Sep, 2024

Starting at 8.30am doors open

Etc Venues Fenchurch Street

etc.venues Fenchurch Street, 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB

Light Gold Sponsor: Conductrics

For over a decade Conductrics has been providing innovative software for online Experimentation and Optimization. Innovations include the industry’s first API driven A/B Testing and multiarmed bandit software, as well as the first to introduce transparency in our machine learning predictive targeting with human-interpretable contextual bandits capabilities.

In another first we have created Conductrics Market Research that integrates Optimization with Market research. Current approaches require separate tools and treat experimentation and research as separate solutions. We believe the true power of customer experience optimization can be only unlocked when experimentation and research are treated as one, like a film and its soundtrack. Full understanding and meaning can only happen when both are perfectly synced with one another.

Contact: Matt Gershoff


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