Saturday 16 Jan, 2021

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SegmentStream is a data intelligence platform that helps unify sales and marketing data from various data sources into the own data warehouse and apply advanced AI-powered marketing analytics and attribution. The mission of SegmenStream is to make BI and Artificial Intelligence technologies more accessible for marketing teams to achieve their goals faster without developers and data scientists.

SegmentStream was founded in 2018, with HQ in London. Today, SegmentStream is trusted by more than 50 leading enterprises globally, including Nespresso, Eventim, United Colours of Benetton, and many others.

What will SegmentStream help you achieve?

  • Reporting automation. Automate the collection, transformation, and unification of marketing and sales data into the customer’s data warehouse. Transform your raw data into reliable, structured, up-to-date datasets without developers and data engineers.
  • Attribution and optimisation. Apply SegmentStream’s AI-driven multi-touch attribution to understand the true value of each traffic source in the customer journey. Give proper credit to upper-funnel channels and cross-device interaction. Increase overall marketing mix ROAS.

Learn more about SegmentStream capabilities by visiting the SegmentStream website:

Contact: Calum Gale, Solutions Consultant, UK



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Tel: +44 7789 685940