Saturday 30 Sep, 2023

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Gold Sponsor : SegmentStream

SegmentStream is a behaviour-based marketing attribution platform designed to help marketers finally understand how upper-funnel campaigns, such as Paid Social, Video, and Display, influence total revenue.

How does it work?

Using ML, SegmentStream analyses complex user behaviour patterns during website visits to understand how each ad interaction affected the user’s probability of converting. 

This allows measuring the value of each ad interaction, even if it didn’t result in an immediate conversion. 

Unlike multi-touch attribution (MTA) solutions that wait for the final conversion before stitching customer journeys and applying attribution.

The benefits of SegmentStream include:

• Accurate evaluation of upper-funnel marketing campaigns (Paid Social, Display, Video, etc.).

• Unified cross-channel marketing dashboards with reliable & deduplicated data.

• Insights into what drives conversions attributed to ‘Direct/None’ & ‘Brand Search’.

Trusted by OMD, L’Oréal, KitchenAid, and AC Milan.

“The product is a true game-changer in the marketing attribution industry” – Cedric Van Hees, KitchenAid.

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Contact: Oliver Leigh, Enterprise Account executive



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Tel: +44 7783 615 868