Saturday 30 Sep, 2023

Starting at 8.30am doors open

Etc Venues Fenchurch Street

etc.venues Fenchurch Street, 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB

Welcome Back…

MeasureCamp is back for the 3rd instalment on Sat 14th Sept.  It will be held at the same venue as the first two events, at Mozilla HQ in St Martins Lane, London and it will remain a free event to attend.  In fact, if you have been to either or both of the first two events, the structure will be pretty much the same (although we have a new logo).  The content of course will be brand new.

For everyone else, MeasureCamp is a Digital Analytics Unconference.  That means that the content is provided by the attendees.  As nearly everyone at MeasureCamp is a practitioner, that means you are hearing from people who do the same job as you, the issues they face (same as your issues) and how they approach their work.  And sessions are (usually) not typical presentations, they are interactive discussions, you can ask questions at any time and give your input – everyone is expected to contribute with their knowledge and experiences.

If it still sounds confusing, I recommend checking out the Storify summary of the 1st MeasureCamp.

The big difference this year is that no sessions will be pre-arranged, the session grid will be totally blank at the start of the day.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a presentation or just an idea for a discussion, then, at the start of the day, to pick a timeslot, a room and add their session to the board.  Sessions will cover a wide variety of areas and will suit people of difference experience levels – everyone has knowledge that others can learn from.  Some of the best topics aren’t even about Analytics – how to be a better storyteller for example.

While sessions can’t be pre-arranged, people are welcome to promote them.  We are happy to list descriptions on the MeasureCamp website and there is a Google+ community where they can be discussed for feedback – plus twitter of course.

Tickets will be released in batches to allow everyone a chance to access them.  MeasureCamp is limited to 140 people and we expect tickets to go extremely quickly.  We have reserved a quantity of these tickets for international guests, anyone outside of England & Wales who needs to book flights/trains and hotel accommodation to attend.  If that is you, please email me on and I can advise if a ticket can be made available to you outside of the ticket releases.  There is a limit of 3 attendees per company – vendor, agency or brand side – to ensure tickets are spread around.

That’s all for now – the first ticket release will be later this week (sign up to the newsletter to be notified when) and am looking forward to all the pre MeasureCamp discussions.


Founder – MeasureCamp

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