Saturday 16 Jan, 2021

Starting at 9am

Virtual MeasureCamp


Working with Stakeholders and how to get buy-in, Alban Gérôme

Session Description

When was the last time you came up with a piece of actionable insight, you thought you would get a nice bonus and then nothing happened? Many stakeholders express doubts regarding a more data-driven approach, they wish analysts had more business acumen and claim that your actionable insight is misaligned with the business objectives. What if they were actually experiencing the data transformation as conservatorship? Let’s see some strategies to help you overcome this cultural resistance. A best in class analytics programme should have Acceptance across your organisation, it should also be Accessible, provide Actionable insights and be Audit-able. This is what I call the AAAA model for the digital transformation and excellence in analytics.

About the trainers

Alban Gérôme is a linguist turned web analytics expert with 10 years’ experience plus an additional 6 years as a database and web developer. He is a certified Adobe Analytics developer, architect and implementation expert. He is currently the analytics implementation architect at Barclays in London, one the United Kingdom’s largest banks. He is a French native, based in the UK for nearly 20 years and international speaker, presenting mostly at MeasureCamp London, Paris, Copenhagen and many other cities where he enjoys talking about management buy-in, personal analytics coding projects and Adobe Analytics.


I believe that anybody could benefit from the workshop since it is vendor-agnostic. However, it is probably better suited for head of analytics, web analytics managers or any web analytics practitioner aspiring to reach these levels.

Session Requirements