Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

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8 reasons why you should be attending MeasureCamp

Where was MeasureCamp when I started in web analytics? If it had then I could have fast tracked my analytics expertise, and my career!

Like many of my peers I began as a team of one working in an environment where there was no digital marketing strategy and senior management didn’t quite get business online. My analytics ‘training’ consisted of a day course at the vendor’s offices and my boss expected me to become an expert overnight. MeasureCamp would have solved many problems I had then as well as now by picking up tips and sharing of ideas.

The UK economy may be flat lining but the internet economy is booming and with it a demand by UK Plc for experienced digital analysts. This demand is set to increase, earlier this year the Boston Consulting Group released a survey predicting the UK internet economy to grow from its current 8.3% to 12.4% of GDP by 2016. For retail it’s an even bigger story, with online retail to grow from 13.5% to 23.0% of total retail, that’s 1 in 4 of all transactions happening online in less than 4 years!

If we want to meet the call of UK Plc then as an industry we need to take our professional development beyond what we read in text books and blogs posts. In the US our colleagues have taken the lead by launching a series of events aimed at the sharing of ideas and knowledge within the digital analytics community, e.g. DAA Symposiums, ACCELERATE, GAUGE, XChange, etc.

But why should the US have all the fun? Here’s 8 reasons why you should be attending the inaugural Measure Camp Unconference:

1. Become more productive

2. Learn from your peers, share your ideas

3. Get answers to your day to day business questions

4. Find an expert in Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, Webtrends etc.

5. Find someone who can help you do that ‘thing’ you need for tomorrow

6. View product demos of the latest click stream tools, VOC, call tracking and TMS

7. Grow your professional network and carry on learning after MeasureCamp

8. Seek career advice


Author: Kelly McClean

Position: Client Relationship Manager, WebTrends

Twitter: @kellymcclean