Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

DAA Certified Web Analysts Exam in London

To make MeasureCamp more than a one day spectacular, it will be held in conjunction with the exam to qualify as a Certified Web Analyst. The exam will occur on Fri 21st Sept from 3pm to 5pm at a venue to be confirmed (it will be central London). There are only 10 Certified Web Analysts in the UK right now and this is an opportunity to join that exclusive group.

The Web Analysts Certification is designed to identify analysts with broad domain knowledge and analysts demonstrating a high level of analytical and problem solving ability across the entire web business spectrum. It does not reflect on your knowledge of a particular web analytics tool or the use of web analytics in a particular sector, instead on your general abilities to perform the role.

General requirements to take the exam are a bachelor’s degree or global equivalent in addition to 3 years of web analytic experience. It is a two hour, multiple choice exam which, from my experience, will test your knowledge of web analytics to its limits. More details can be found on the DAA website on the knowledge required to pass the exam.

The cost of certification is US$635 for DAA members and US$795 for non DAA members. As a side note, the cost of retaking the exam if you do not pass at first attempt is US$99 for members & non-members. Applications are made on the DAA website and you will be contacted by the DAA to advise if you qualify to take the certification. When completing the application, select “Other Exam Location” as your option and enter London.

When you pass the CWA exam, you’ll receive a printed certificate, a pin to wear on your lapel and your name will be posted on the DAA website along with other CWA who have set themselves apart from the rest of the WA community. The DAA will be driving people to that web page so they can find and contact those who are certified.

It would be great to get more people in the UK recognised as Certified Web Analysts, it will be an excellent way of promoting our entire industry. For individuals, this is an opportunity to demonstrate to your employer or clients the skills and ability that you bring to any project. As the certification becomes more widely known, it is expected it will be used as a point of differentiation in recruitment.

Any general questions regarding my experiences with the exam can be left in the comments for this blog post. More specific questions on eligibility and the process should be sent through to Judy Ritland, the Certification Administrator.