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How accurate are your Paid Search ROI figures?

If you sell a product or service online, the chances are you can pinpoint the exact return on investment from your Pay Per Click ads… but your phone call sales ROI may not be so detailed.

And that could be costing you!

Here’s an example:

One retailer that we spoke to sold 80% of their electronics products online and 20% by phone. Most of their web site traffic was driven by paid search ads, and they had a high monthly spend with several different PPC providers. However, whilst online sales generated a far higher number of transactions, the phone call sales were often for combinations of products and more expensive items with bigger profit margins. A bigger purchase, and a more complex sale is often more likely to require a phone call, whereas more simple sales are often impulse purchases, which are quickly made online.

We have found that the same applies to a multitude of industries, whether it’s travel, electronics, car parts and servicing, or any other business with a combination of online and offline sales.

The business in question realised that to increase sales of their most expensive products, they needed a way of pinpointing the keywords, PPC ads, and marketing campaigns that were resulting in calls to the business.

The solution is to utilise a call tracking analytic services.

Phone call tracking analytic software pinpoints which marketing channels generate phone calls. This information can be configured to show keywords, specific ads, and offline sources. The data can also be linked to sales, as well as showing visitor behaviour when they land on site.

Once the business began using call tracking software, they were able to focus their online campaigns to generate more calls and significantly improve their profits.

The same scenario can be applied to a diverse range of industries, where prospective customers need more information or reassurance before committing to a sale.

Here’s another reason your ROI measurements could be missing the big picture:

We recently spoke to an online marketer who had just taken over the management of a PPC campaign. His new client sold via online and offline sources, and after some initial adjustments based on click through data, online sales from PPC ads went up. He was happy!

However, his mood changed when the client called to say that phone call sales had dropped immediately after he amended the PPC campaign.

Because he was unable to directly link keywords and ads with telephone orders, he was left in a state of desperation trying to discover which keywords had been cut that were originally generating phone calls which led to sales and improved ROI. What he needed was to combine his web analytics with call tracking, for the full picture.

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