Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Introducing the MeasureCamp Sponsors

Four weeks to go until MeasureCamp and it is shaping up as a great event. Nearly all of the tickets have been allocated and we will set up a wait list for any returned tickets. Attendees are coming to London from all over the UK and even France, demonstrating the demand for this type of community event.

We could not run MeasureCamp as a free event for attendees without the support of a number of organisations. They are providing the funding for all catering and give-aways on the day, helping to make it a great event.

The venue is the London Mozilla Space, provided by Mozilla. As you will discover at MeasureCamp, it is ideal for our requirements with plenty of formal & informal rooms, areas for catching up or discussion and that all important wi-fi. Mozilla Spaces are designed for use by the digital community as part of the Mozilla Project.

MeasureCamp has two Gold Sponsors, Calltracks and iJento. They are covering the costs of your lunch and the afterparty respectively – so please show them your appreciation. Each will be speaking briefly, at lunchtime & during the afternoon break.

Calltracks is a call tracking service provider. Through the use of unique phone numbers on your website, callers can be identified with online behaviour linked to the call. Get more accurate insights into the impact of your marketing spend and discover what triggers a call from your website.

iJento delivers leading technology solutions to clients, integrating customer information across multiple platforms into a multichannel customer intelligence solution. Data is taken from existing data sources and combined in a relational digital datamart. Clients can then query this new database for ad hoc analysis and build dashboards for regular reporting.

There are two Silver Sponsors at Measure Camp, Webtrends and Tag Commander, each contributing to the costs of running the event. Webtrends are the very well known web analytics and optimisation vendor, providing a suite of tools and consultancy services to assist organisations in maximising business performance. Tag Commander is a European Tag Management System provider, allowing users to handle the tags on your website through an advanced user interface (as opposed to your IT department).

All four of these primary sponsors will have a table at MeasureCamp where you can have an informal chat. You won’t get sales pitches, instead experts will be attending who can answer your hard questions (and will participate in sessions themselves).

The final sponsor is Propel London, our recruitment sponsor. We will include a Jobs Board on the day where any company can place an ad for a role in the Digital Analytics community – Propel London will be the only recruitment agency able to do likewise. They will be able to offer advice on salaries and the current state of the market to companies and anyone looking for a new role.