Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

MeasureCamp Five for Five

One of the principles of an unconference is that everyone contributes through running a session. MeasureCamp is not going to enforce this, we haven’t got enough session slots even if we wanted to, but we would like to give everyone the opportunity to speak. Roughly modelled on the Pecha Kucha system, we have designated three sessions spaced throughout the day as Five for Five sessions. That is, five speakers presenting for five minutes each.

With that brief a time available, we expect each speaker will need to focus on a single idea. They may choose to use slides or a website as an example – or just speak. It is a great opportunity for people who are not as confident speaking to get involved and build up their confidence. It will also be useful for people who have an idea, topic or even a question they want to discuss but do not believe it requires an entire 30min session.

We are looking to arrange these Five for Five sessions prior to MeasureCamp. There are 15 speaking slots which may sound like a lot but they are expected to go quickly. If you are interested in getting involved here, please leave a comment, tweet on #MeasureCamp or email me at (happy to answer questions/provide reassurances too).

Please share your topic if you have one but this is not mandatory. We will be happy to know you want a slot reserved and will be working over the next few weeks on the content.

Potential topics could include:

  • Favourite web analytics report
  • Story of identifying an issue and the solution you found
  • How to explain Digital Analytics to Management
  • Why you can’t trust Digital Analytics numbers
  • The principle of the Web Analytics Maturity Model
  • Key things to track on a retail website
  • The importance of Diagrams
  • The most important number
  • Analytics for start-ups
  • Mean vs Medium

Hmm – most of those could take a full 30 min session too. One point for all speakers to note, the five minute limit will be strictly enforced…