Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

MeasureCamp Product Demos

When we first started talking about MeasureCamp one of our main aims was to design a day that would help attendees learn the tricks of the trade to help them become better and more rounded digital analysts. We all know that there is a huge array of tools out there that digital analysts are expected to understand – from developer tools to advanced statistical analysis packages. More and more we only add value in our daily jobs if we can use a number of tools that help us understand online consumer behaviour. Basic web analysis isn’t enough anymore.

So it’s great that we’ve got a number of vendors to come along to speak to us, demo and be ready to answer the tough questions us analysts have. Social, multi-channel, data visualisation, Tag management and advanced analytics – it’s all there and more. Details of which timeslot & room to view each product can be found on the MeasureCamp Session Grid. Details of the companies appearing are as follows:

  • Kred – Kred Story is a visual history of your Social Media Influence. 11:35 in NetGenesis room
  • Sociagility – company introduction below. 11:35 in NetGenesis room
  • iJento (MeasureCamp Gold Sponsor) – delivers leading technology solutions to clients, integrating customer information across multiple platforms into a multichannel customer intelligence solution. 11:35 in Visual Sciences room
  • Webtrends (MeasureCamp Silver Sponsor) – web analytics and optimisation vendor, providing a suite of tools and consultancy services to assist organisations in maximising business performance. 12:10 in NetGenesis room
  • Tableau – company introduction below. 12:10 in Visual Sciences room
  • GA Dashboards – a new product allowing you to visualise your Google Analytics in a simple clean dashboards and share with stakeholders. 13:40 in NetGenesis room
  • RJ Metrics – develops software to help online businesses measure, manage, and monetize better. An easier way to build a customer or member database. 13:40 in NetGenesis room
  • Qubole – is building the next generation cloud data platform that will make data analysis and building data driven applications in the Cloud – Easy, Fast and Fun. 13:40 in Visual Sciences room
  • Sweetspot – company introduction below. 13:40 in Visual Sciences room
  • Tealium – company introduction below. 14:15 in NetGenesis room
  • Calltracks (MeasureCamp Gold Sponsor) – call tracking service provider. Through the use of unique phone numbers on your website, callers can be identified with online behaviour linked to the call. 14:15 in Visual Sciences room
  • Userzoom – company introduction below. 15:50 in NetGenesis room
  • Tag Commander (MeasureCamp Silver Sponsor) – a European Tag Management System provider, allowing users to handle the tags on your website through an advanced user interface. 15:50 in Visual Sciences room
  • SessionCam – company introduction below. 16:25 in NetGenesis room
  • GoSquared – real-time web analytics which turns visitors into customers. Actionable metrics for the fast changing web. 16:25 in Visual Sciences room
  • SnowPlow – is a new web analytics tool that services a different need, it makes much more involved analysis (which is either very hard or impossible with existing tools) possible. 16:25 in Visual Sciences room


Sociagility’s PRINT™ methodology drives a range of independent, objective solutions for analysing, optimising and tracking the effectiveness of any organisation’s owned social media activity. Unlike keyword or sentiment monitoring tools, it focuses on how well a brand’s social strategy is driving awareness and engagement, providing specific insights that can be used as a framework for further improvement.

Sociagility’s co-founder Niall Cook will be demonstrating PRINT™ at Measurecamp from 11.35–12.05. Space at these sessions is limited, so if you’d rather schedule a one-to-one demo, email Niall at


Tableau delivers rapid-fire business intelligence you can start using today. Whether you are one analyst exploring data with Tableau Desktop or thousands using web-based business intelligence and dashboards with Tableau Server, we make visual analysis and BI fast and easy. Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server answer deep analytical questions and make it quick and easy to share dashboards with colleagues. From the speed of the Data Engine to the I-can’t-believe-it ease of Data Blending, Tableau will change what you can accomplish with data. Ranked by Gartner & IDC in 2011 as the world’s fastest growing business intelligence company, over 9,000 companies use Tableau for rapid in-office and mobile results. See how Tableau can help you by downloading the free trial at

Mrunal Shridhar is Tableau’s most senior product consultant for Europe. Mrunal’s expertise lies in operational strategy consulting, improving performance and efficiency across the supply chain. His fact driven analytical approach helps people transform data into actionable information. Mrunal has a M.Sc. in Decision Sciences from London School of Economics and a B.Sc. in Supply Chain Management from Arizona State University.


In today’s tough and demanding times, tagging up or amending digital marketing vendor tags already deployed on web sites is a costly and time consuming task for any business.

Tealium helps to address this long-standing issue by making it easy for web analytics professionals to control their tag deployments from any computer or connected device, and without needing to know any JavaScript coding language.

Today, we will show you how Tealium’s market-leading solution can help you can add, edit or remove any tag with point and click simplicity, including mapping your web analytics variables, defining conversion events, and facilitating the easy deployment of Adobe SiteCatalyst Test & Target mBoxes. We will also show you how your organization can comply with global privacy laws via our privacy features.


Diego Marquínez Peña, Project Manager at MVConsultoría, Spain’s premier Web Analytics Consultancy, will provide his perspective on the importance of reporting environments for reaching successful collaborative, data based decisions within the company. Specifically, he will present Sweetspot, a Digital Insight Management system that his clients, some of Spain’s largest companies, have been successfully utilizing to improve organizational communication and the taking of action to improve their performance in the online channel.

Analysts will take away the latest knowledge on the developments within the Digital Insight Management industry, including an understanding of best practices for data visualization, digital operation workflows and the most effective way to promote a culture of turning data insights into actions within the organization. The importance of avoiding costly manual work, customizing cross-channel KPIs specifically for your organization, and ensuring immediate management-level access to key metrics, actions and outcomes, from any device and in a wide range of formats will also be reiterated in the context of providing the analyst with the tools he or she needs to successfully recommend performance-improving actions.

If you would like to access further information on Sweetspot, please visit the website: or follow the Twitter account: @sweetspot


Most usability research is based on observing what participants do when you give them a specific task or watching them do something as you are telling them to do what they would typically do on a site. One is oriented more for collecting specific data on the ease of use on particular tasks conducted on your site. The second is aimed at collecting “true” data on participants doing what they came to the site to do (natural data).

Web Analytics alone is a thing of the past. Web Analytics 2.0 is all about combining the powers of traffic analysis software with many other user research tools and methods. UserZoom brings together usability, survey and web analytics data.

UserZoom’s product demo will focus on the ‘True Intent’ method + UserZoom behavioural data collection and the benefits in integrating with Google Analytics.


If you are currently exploring the usability and customer experience space then you will likely be looking at session replay solutions. There are a wide range of solutions out there right now, but we feel there is only one solution, SessionCam, that can be described as a true, next generation, solution. A bold statement, some might say, ..we think not.

SessionCam records every customer journey made on your website. Replays individual sessions, generate heat maps, understand and investigate funnel and form drop-off. Tackle abandonment, improve conversion and reduce support costs. SessionCam is a cloud-based solution that’s easy to implement and generates super-fast RoI for our clients. SessionCam can provide a truly lower cost of ownership than other solutions, why? A starter for 7!;

  • less tagging required than any other solution, we require no tagging for AJAX content (OK, and only minimal additional tagging for custom data.)
  • there is absolutely NO hardware required on your site – no servers to maintain, licensing, manage overhead and upgrade.
  • an intuitive product – an easy to use solution designed for today’s resource poor ecommerce teams.
  • no hidden costs – we charge on the basis of something tangible, the page views we record for you.
  • no user seat licenses – you can have as many users of SessionCam as you need.
  • the next generation of record and replay – built for today’s technology and internet, we capture AJAX and other dynamic content faultlessly.
  • feedback surveys and email re-targeting – all delivered as part of the same solution, no additional tagging or IT involvement on your part.

In a recent meeting, when asked what the attendee’s wanted to see, the replay came back “ we want to see Magic!”, suffice to say they were suitably impressed. The next generation of record and replay optimisation solution is here and we look forward to sharing some of the magic with you here at MeasureCamp