Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Welcome to MeasureCamp

I am incredibly happy to be finally announcing MeasureCamp London. This has been a dream of mine for about a year now and it’s great to know it is going to happen. MeasureCamp will be held on Saturday 22nd Sept at Mozilla HQ in central London. It will be free to attend but with the number of tickets limited to the capacity of the venue. A big thank you initially goes to Mozilla for providing the venue for this event.

First, what is a MeasureCamp? It will be an Unconference, an unstructured conference where the participants create the agenda. I have attended similar events for Developers, Product Managers & the general digital community in the past and wanted to bring the format to the Digital Analytics community. The purpose is to encourage discussions and the sharing of knowledge between practitioners and to build up the UK Digital Analytics community.

As the first of its kind, MeasureCamp will not follow all of the principles of a traditional unconference. A majority of sessions will be pre-planned across a number of different formats. We will be welcoming product demonstrations as an opportunity for practitioners to be exposed to the full range of tools available to help gain insights. But approximately a third of sessions will be left blank to be available to any MeasureCamp attendees on the day.

Tickets will be free. Well there is no monetary cost but you will be required to give up a Saturday. This day was deliberately chosen to ensure work commitments didn’t restrict people from attending. It will ensure that attendees want to be there and are interesting in discussing and learning more about Digital Analytics, enhancing the quality of the event.

We are still looking for sponsors and announcements will be made here as they come on board. I see this as an excellent opportunity for an organisation to promote their product/services to the Digital Analytics community in a relaxed environment.

We are also looking for speakers for the pre-planned sessions. Check out the schedule & session grid and let us know if you are interested. This includes the Five for Five sessions, an ideal opportunity to get some experience by talking on a topic of your choice for a maximum of five minutes.

The first batch of tickets will be released tomorrow (Tues 6th Aug) at midday. Tickets will be released in batches to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to attend the event. There is limited capacity so if you register for MeasureCamp but can no longer attend, please let us know so that your ticket can be passed on to someone else.

I am already looking forward to a great day, meeting up with a lot of people from the community, making new friends and learning new ideas. Hope to see you there.

Author: Peter O’Neill

Position: Founder & Lead Consultant, L3 Analytics

Twitter: @peter_oneill