Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

A MeasureCamp Afterparty Announcement

Dear campers!

If I could distract you from your Valentine’s campaigns for a few minutes, I have a very important topic to talk to you about, of the utmost interest and that requires your help for maximum ROI.

As you know, this year, Peter has taken the wise decision of outsourcing the organisation of the MeasureCamp party to a Spaniard. In particular, to me…

Now that you have had time to pick your jaw from the floor, I feel that I should let you all know I am taking this duty extremely seriously *cough* and that I’m hoping this will be the icing to your day-full-of-analytics-and-measure cake.

For this reason I would like to make this year’s an even more eventful party (albeit without glowing yo-yos) with your help. What would you like to see and do? We will have food and drinks, that’s a given, and I’m bringing my Twister to increase conversion levels of bums on the floor, but… are you up for a dance off? A pub quiz, perhaps? Another rendition of ‘Total eclipse to the heart’ (yes, this happened). Jager-bomb penalty on anyone that uses the word ‘attribution’ in the pub?

So campers, while you continue rehearsing your Rihanna choreographies, send your thoughts my way (@sharlie_angel), post a comment below or join the discussion on our MeasureCamp Google+ page!