Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

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One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Nick makes the case for investment


Nick Redding is a Senior Web Analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown.

Not everyone is as interested in data as most Digital Analysts. To be honest, I’m probably not as interested in data as most Digital Analysts. And if someone in the industry finds data a bit dull sometimes, how can we get board level execs to pay attention and give us the financial backing we need? Many of us spend a lot of time trying to do just that. I certainly have.

When I started in digital the analytics role didn’t really exist. I was a copywriter who dabbled in analysis because it helped me understand what worked. As the tools became more sophisticated it was clear that digital analytics should be a full-time role. But it still took over a year to get that role approved at the company I was with at the time. And then within a month I found myself fighting to get budget to recruit another analyst to help me keep up. Then I wanted more tools, and resources for testing and optimisation.

I was surprised at how hard it could be to get buy-in for what seemed such an obviously good idea.

I joined Hargreaves Lansdown in August last year. My colleagues and I are currently implementing SiteCatalyst, having hit the ceiling of what we could do with Google Analytics. Rather than talk about best practices and analysis tricks (others are better qualified to do that than me) I thought we could discuss building a business case for investment in Digital Analytics.

I’ve found plenty of ways to get it wrong over the years. But I’ve also been lucky enough to stumble across a few ways to get it right, and to work with some excellent, business-minded people.

I really believe that many organisations need to invest more in the work we do as analysts. My session on “Making the business case for Digital Analytics investment” will be about what we can do to convince them.

About Nick
I moved into digital marketing about a dozen years ago, having started out in print media. I was then a copywriter living in Asia, where I worked on some of the very first viral marketing campaigns for clients such as Time Warner, Sony and Malaysia Airlines. I came back to England in 2007 and joined Dyson, ending up as Group Digital Analytics Manager. I now work at Hargreaves Lansdown, one of the UK’s leading independent financial service providers and asset management specialists.