Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

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One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Retail analytics with Dan Croxen John


Dan Croxen John is the CEO of Applied Web Analytics

Dan Croxen John is the CEO of Applied Web Analytics

Dan Croxen John is the CEO of Applied Web Analytics, one of the leading conversion rate optimisation agenices in the UK. They specialise in websites for multi-channel retailers. Their clients include Paperchase, Cotton Traders, Findel and Direct Golf.

Dan was excited by Peter O’Neill’s enthusiasm for Measurecamp and knew he would learn much from the people attending. Dan’s highlight was “meeting people I follow, making new friends, listening to some great presentations and being part of something”.

The Unconference feel was refreshing and energetic compared to more traditional gatherings.

Data for retail

Dan’s journey in web analytics started out as as a MD. He ran a couple of mail order businesses first selling skateboards, and then greenhouses and pond pumps, and was excited with the launch of Google Analytics in 2005.

I was interested in how online retailers could use this data.

Getting into analytics
He learnt web analytics through extensive practical use and also completed the UBC Certificate. Dan’s advice to anyone wanting to get started in analytics is to “find a business and do it for free, but set yourself a goal, a financial one”. He recommends that people read Drayton Bird to understand what motivates people and the importance of direct selling techniques.

Dan’s top Twitter recommendations for analytics

Kevin Hillstrom, Dan Barker, Peter Cashmore and Brian Clifton

You can catch Dan on G+ or Twitter and meet him at Measurecamp