Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

What will we be discussing at MeasureCamp?

MeasureCamp is now less than 6 weeks away, not long at all. Sponsors are confirmed (thanks iJento, Calltracks & Tealium) and over 100 tickets have been distributed – another release is imminent. So one key question remains – what will people be talking about in the sessions?

For the first MeasureCamp, we pre-scheduled the majority of sessions. But now, we want to revert to a more typical unconference format where attendees bring their presentations or a topic they want to discuss and claim a room/timeslot for their session on the day. We will still have about 10 session pre-scheduled, on topics which we consider essential for Digital Analytics discussions. But the rest of the slots will remain blank for now.

Scheduled Sessions

10 sessions have been placed on the MeasureCamp schedule in advance of the event. What we need now are for volunteers to run these sessions. They are all big topics and nearly guaranteed to provoke a lot of discussion so the speaker will not have to talk for 30 min themselves. But we need to ink in some names asap (so I can cross that task off my to-do list). The list of sessions is as follows:

  1. Google Analytics Tips & Tricks
  2. SiteCatalyst Tips & Tricks
  3. Webtrends Tips & Tricks
  4. Google Analytics 101
  5. Campaign Analytics
  6. Member/Customer Analytics
  7. Tag Management
  8. Privacy
  9. Useful Tools
  10. The Future for MeasureCamp

Sessions descriptions can be found on the Scheduled Sessions page. Have a read through and let me know on if you are interested in being involved. Note that you can still do a session of your own and that descriptions can be adjusted/customised

Unscheduled Sessions

More exciting are all the sessions that will go up on the board at the start of MeasureCamp. While session slots can’t be claimed yet, we are inviting attendees to provide a description of their intended presentation/topic now. The first few have already been added to the Unscheduled Sessions page and these sound incredibly interesting:

  1. User Intent – Using the Long Neck (James Cornwell)
  2. Attribution – Last is not always the best (Russ McAthy)
  3. Paying for it (Nicholas Redding)
  4. Customer Lifetime Value (Yali Sassoon)
  5. Commercial analytics for non-profits (Temina Moledina)

Again, please email me if you would like to add your session to this page – so you can get people talking even before you start. It would be great to get a list of 20+ sessions here so we all know what to look forward to.