Saturday 21 Sep, 2019

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Baking & CSI – MeasureCamp IV Sessions

As part of their sponsorship of MeasureCamp IV, CallTracks (who have been an amazing supporter of MeasureCamp from day 1!!) arranged for the event to be videoed.  Unfortunately the video guy didn’t create the visualisation we were hoping for, saw that as more of an additional & very expensive service.  But we do have videos of the sessions from the main room.  Sharing a couple here so you can see the quality (and relaxed format) of MeasureCamp sessions.  Plus learn from the incredible knowledge being shared.

Note these are sessions being run in the main room so use a formal presentation format and these are two of the more experienced analysts attending MeasureCamp.  Other sessions are much more informal, often simply discussions on relevant topics.  Please don’t think that this is what you need to produce to run a session yourself.

Baking Analytics into your Digital Projects – Charles Meaden

MeasureCamp – Replay – Talk 1 – HD – Calltracks

CSI London (Who Killed the Campaign) – Steen Rasmussen

MeasureCamp Videos March 2014 | Calltracks

We have a few more videos which we will be posting over the next couple of weeks to get everyone in the mood for MeasureCamp.  Also check out the sessions being organised for this MeasureCamp and start thinking what you can contribute.

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