Saturday 21 Sep, 2019

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The day MeasureCamp went Global

They’d barely got back from MeasureCamp #4, in London, before some analytics guys from France decided they had to organize their own version of the event across the Channel. Nicolas Guillard, Yves-Marie Lemaître, Lan Anh Vu Hong, Michaël Koza, Ronan Chardonneau, Sébastien Manaches, Nicolas Malo & Serge Descombes gathered their technical and human skills… And the first edition of MeasureCamp Paris was born! It took place on Saturday 5th July, sponsored by Tealium, AT Internet, AB Tasty, and held in fifty-five’s Paris office.

MeasureCamp was created to encourage discussions and the exchange of ideas and, once again, the format proved successful. A mixture of discussions, demos, and workshops took place throughout the day, spread over 25 sessions; let’s notice that the “discussion format” prevailed (17 sessions out of 25), people respecting – maybe without knowing – the spirit of MeasureCamp.

An impressive number of the French analytics community were able to attend, with a total of 57 members participating in the “unconference”. Much to everyone’s surprise, the French attendees weren’t shy and didn’t waste any time filling up the board with ideas!

A wide range of topics were covered: attribution (how to use attribution modeling? Is there one best model?), mobile conversion, offline/online data synchronization strategy, analytics tools (strengths and weaknesses of Universal Analytics, what analytics tools other than AT Internet and Google Analytics?). Such themes as cookies, privacy, European law or data storytelling raised particular interest and questions leaving rooms so full that some people ended up sitting on the floor.

At the end of the day, French Web Analytics authors answered Nicolas Guillard’s questions for a roundtable discussion. An opportunity to talk about what surrounds the practice of analytics; how funny to discover the variety of the paths leading to it to cap off the day. Further discussions went on over beers that night – in spite of the World Cup tight schedule!

Judging by the enthusiasm people showed for the event on social media, MeasureCamp’s first event abroad was a great success. 87% of survey respondents had not attended MeasureCamp before, 48% had never even heard of the concept, yet an impressive 96% stated that they would be attending in the future.

Unfortunately, 65% were not able to attend all of the sessions they were interested in – another reason, if we ever needed one, to think about a second edition!

Take a look at the many photos taken during the event

Author: Lilia Smati, fifty-five


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