Saturday 21 Sep, 2019

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

F*cking up & the Crystal Maze – MeasureCamp IV sessions

We have two final videos of sessions from MeasureCamp IV to share with you – all thanks to CallTracks who have been an amazing supporter of MeasureCamp.  Now be warned, you may think you are just going to spend a couple of minutes here, quick check on the style of these two sessions.  You think wrong.  You will be lost for the full 30 minutes of each session – so be prepared, make sure no urgent calls or deadlines are approaching.

Again these sessions were held in the main room of MeasureCamp IV so they aren’t the informal discussions which features throughout the day.  But they are a little more informal than other sessions.

The first is from Craig Sullivan and comes with both a language warning and an overload of incredibly useful information warning.  Very serious about both.  It is on A/B testing and is a series of stories about how you can f*ck up with A/B testing – to teach you how to do it properly.

The second session is a Phil Pearce special with support from Jono Alderson.  Anything goes at MeasureCamp and Phil/Jono demonstrate this by teaching Analytics through the medium of the Crystal Maze.

Only a few days left now, I hope this series has inspired some of you to prepare your own presentation for MeasureCamp V.  Just remember, it doesn’t have to be so formal as the first four, you don’t have to swear as much as Craig and you don’t have to be as zany (or bring props) like Phil & Jono.  Check out the Session Descriptions for what people are discussing at MeasureCamp V and get involved yourself.

18 Simple Ways to F*ck up your A/B Test – Craig Sullivan

The Crystal Maze – Phil Pearce & Jono Alderson

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