Saturday 14 May, 2022

Starting at 9.00am

Etc Venues Fenchurch Street

etc.venues Fenchurch Street, 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB

MeasureCamp Extras


There is so much that goes on at MeasureCamp beyond the geeky Digital Analytics talks in the sessions.   If nothing else, everyone attending gets fed some pretty tasty food for breakfast, lunch and even at the afterparty (plus there is an afterparty!!).  The conference will end in a pretty relaxed manner with everyone welcome to enjoy a refreshing beverage during the final session and event closing.

This is all thanks to our amazing sponsors Calltracks, BIME, Sweetspot Intelligence & Trackpal and their support of our community.


You want more free stuff?  Every attendee gets a cool MeasureCamp t-shirt on arrival.  Final designs are top secret but there appears to have been a leak with some photos appearing online.  You will recognise committee members in an alternative colour design but feel free to wear your tshirt on the day as well.


We have prizes too for the best contributors at MeasureCamp plus a pretty significant number of door prizes.  Help us out by nominating people for best sessions, funniest tweet, top analytics tips, etc.  The majority of these prizes are books useful to any analyst but there are also top prizes such as a free ticket to eMetrics London (currently worth around £1,000!!), gift vouchers for training or to sit your GAIQ test.

Full disclosure – I am the conference chair for eMetrics London 2013, I have put together a pretty amazing agenda and a few of these experts will also be sharing their ideas at MeasureCamp.


While yet to be confirmed, the MeasureCamp Swearjar may be making a return appearance.  It’s quite simple really, we define a set of Web Analytics jargon words.  If you use those words, you contribute to the swear jar (with the money donated to charity).  Why are these words considered swear words – because people use them instead of saying what they actually mean – we don’t like that.

Book Exchange

Also yet to be confirmed is a Digital Analytics book exchange.  To be organised hopefully by @NikulSanghvi (whose idea it was), it will be a shelf at MeasureCamp where you can bring in one of your books and exchange for someone else’s book.  Not sure how it will work in practice, only one way to find out.

Jobs Board

Within every industry, there are always some companies looking to recruit and some people exploring their options.  To help this process along, MeasureCamp offers a Jobs Board – free to any company to post a job although there is a charge for recruitment agencies.  It is on the website and will be there in a more physical form at MeasureCamp.  Please let me know if you want to add a job to the list.

Nearly there

Only a couple of days to go now, hopefully this list of MeasureCamp extras has everyone a bit more excited.  One blog post to go from me (look out for it on Fri) – how does an unconference actually work…

PS we play some fun games at the MeasureCamp afterparty

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