Saturday 16 Jan, 2021

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MeasureCamp IV – Bigger & Better

And here we go again.  MeasureCamp III was only a few weeks ago but time to get started with MeasureCamp IV.  And it really is going to be bigger and better than ever, I am not just saying that.

Circle Sat 29th Mar 2014 on your calendars – this is the date that MeasureCamp IV will be happening.  Sadly, it will not be held at Mozilla HQ as we just had too many people wanting to attend.  Instead we will be at One Drummond Gate, right near Pimlico station.  Bigger venue equals bigger capacity, we will be growing from 140 attendees at the past two MeasureCamps to 200 people at this one.

That is most of the changes though, we are sticking to the unconference format, that board will still be blank at the start of the day.  Tickets will still be free.  There will be more rooms available and we will work to provide some informal spaces for discussion sessions (might not be able to provide beanbags though).  No decision on when tickets will be made available yet so ensure you are registered with the newsletter and look out for announcements – they will go fast.

Can you also circle Fri 28th Mar as we are making MeasureCamp a two day event.  The Friday will be used for half day and full day training workshops on the key skills required by members of the analytics community.  This will obviously include skills based training in the use of tools but also the complementary skills like Defining KPIs and Presentation/Storytelling.  We hope to offer these at low prices, well below normal training costs.  Again more details to follow in due course.

That’s it at this stage – you know the date, the venue, have been reassured it will keep to the same format and are intrigued by the idea of training workshops.  And you agree, it really is going to be bigger and better.

We are of course now on the lookout for sponsors, we will need more than ever to cover significantly higher costs.  Please contact me at if interested in being part of this event, we have Gold and Silver packages available.

The website will be updated over the weekend, I just couldn’t wait to announce this to everyone…


Founder, MeasureCamp


  1. Mark Churchill says:

    Great job on finding a suitable new venue! Thanks for the heads up on all the plans and it sounds exciting.

    If it’s at a neutral space does it open up people like Adobe as potential sponsors? Let me know if you need an introduction there or anything.

    • Peter says:

      Thanks Mark & glad you hear you find it exciting too. Mozilla was never intended as a non-neutral space but now that you say that, can see what you mean. Adobe are definitely potential sponsors & I have contacts in their marketing team I will be contacting in the next few days (thanks for offer). MeasureCamp will never be an event for sponsors selling to attendees but I do think the community can benefit through exposure to a range of tools. And we need to cover the costs of the event. With the new venue, we will have a dedicated sponsor area for the first time so it should be more appealing to vendors to get involved.

  2. Paul says:

    I think the workshop sessions is a great addition to the event – looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Jessie says:

    Great! Looking forward to learning more especially about the workshops.

  4. Peter Jordan says:

    Just checking – the register button is’nt live yet?

  5. Scott Lawson says:

    I thought on the day it was put to a vote about the location and size and people wanted to keep it as it was because what was working was working?

    Otherwise it will just end up being like every other event you’re trying to not be like. There’s enough already, this was one of the few good digital marketing events where learning took place (as opposed to speakers selling themselves). No more bean bags? An event on a Saturday without bean bags just wouldn’t work. I’m sure Russell wouldn’t have handled it otherwise with his hangover from that other big event the day before 😉

    • Peter says:

      We did have the survey vote and there were some mixed responses. I don’t believe it was an overwhelming majority to keep as exactly the same although I know some people were definitely in favour of this. The reason I believe we have to make bigger is that when limited to 140 ppl, a lot of very good ppl want to attend but we just can’t fit them all in. It becoem a concern with the last MeasureCamp and only going to become more so in the future.

      But we will be doing everything possible to keep the atmosphere exactly the same. We are limiting to 200 ppl (could fit 300), ensuring areas for informal discussions and the format stays exactly the same – so any speakers just doing a sales pitch will find themselves talking to an empty room very quickly. Hopefully that reassures.

      • Scott Lawson says:

        Fair enough, it wasn’t an official survey although it did seem people to me people didn’t want change to a bigger venue and Mozilla was a good location. I would say aiming for Adobe as a sponsor isn’t such a good aim, would kind of ruin it in a way and put people off the “unconference” feel. They mostly sponsor events because they have cash to splash, not because they want to support good events.

        • dan barker says:

          I was there on the day too. My memory was of mixed response too. I think I voted for ‘2x a year; keep one the same size & do another bigger one with workshops, etc’.

          To be honest I’m not fussed – I think Peter & the team have done an amazing job, their judgement’s been great so far, and I’d be surprised if they did anything that messed things up. If this one doesn’t work out so well for any reason (again I’d be surprised), I dare say they’ll use whatever they learn for the next.

          I’m just hoping I get a ticket!


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