Saturday 30 Sep, 2023

Starting at 8.30am doors open

Etc Venues Fenchurch Street

etc.venues Fenchurch Street, 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB

MeasureCamp Ticket Update

I’m not going to be a popular man with many of you after this post. I’m sorry about that. But I thought that we should give a proper blog post revealing the full disclosure of ticket allocation.

We released tickets in four batches of 30 on various different days at various times in an attempt to give everyone a chance of picking up the tickets. The first batch went in about thirty minutes and the second lot in about 90 minutes. The final two batches went in about five minutes. These tickets are popular.

We also had a load of international tickets available for people who wanted to know if they could book flights and hotels. We sold seventeen of these tickets, but they weren’t available publicly.

There are 10 tickets available for the organising committee – these are the people who you will see wandering around the day with different coloured t-shirts on. We have been busy working away behind the scenes making sure that we have sponsors to continue making this event free, sending out emails, dealing with prizes, content on this site and all the jazz that is associated with running an unconference.

We also have a number of tickets available for the sponsors – typically we offer up to about 3 tickets to each sponsor (although they haven’t claimed them yet!).

All that means that at the moment we have 147 ticket holders, plus sponsors. This is where it starts getting interesting.

We have opened a waitlist. Why have we done this? We’ve done it because there are some tickets available from people who have returned tickets and from where we’d allocated them to international guests or organisers. Today I have seventeen tickets that are going to be allocated to the forty eight people on the waitlist.

How am I going to allocate them. It is going to be done in this order:

  • Practitioners will get tickets first, then consultants, then vendors. We do this because we feel that practitioners get more out of measure camp than vendors.
  • Anyone from a company who hasn’t got a current attendee will be given preference over those whose company already has attendees.
  • People who are new to the industry will be given preference over those who have been around for a while. We want to encourage new analytics people to join the community, so giving out tickets to people who have been involved for a while won’t encourage that.
  • If you are nice to me, attempt to offer me bribes or offer to speak, that won’t make any difference. I’m a man of few wants and needs. Unless you can get me in the England team for the World Cup Final, I’m not interested.

What this means is that I’m going to be going through our wait list and doing research on you. If you see me turn up in your linkedin you’ll know why. If I select you, you will get an email inviting you to sign up to a ticket, which you’ll have seven days to do. If you don’t manage it, then the next person will be given a chance. If you don’t get offered one now, don’t worry, we may release more tickets in the next couple of weeks as people return their tickets.

If you already have a ticket, but are unable to attend, please email me at and I will allocate your ticket back to the waitlist. As our newsletter says: No-shows may not be accepted for future events. Don’t be a No-Show.

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