Saturday 21 Sep, 2019

Starting at 9am

Etc Venues

One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London SW1V 2QQ

Schedule for MeasureCamp V

Having realised that we don’t have a schedule page on the website anymore, I thought we should share timings for the day.  These timings have remained consistent over the past two years so should be familiar to the experienced MeasureCampers.  But with a couple of tweaks and for people newer to MeasureCamp, here is what to expect during the day.

9:00 – Doors open.  Sign in, collect your name badge, MeasureCamp t-shirt and special gift.  Breakfast is being served (bacon & egg rolls, healthy options, juices).  Meet some people and check out the venue.  Be amazed by the range of accents and just how big your community is.

9:50 – Welcome to MeasureCamp for first timers (main room).  A new feature this MeasureCamp will be an early session welcoming all first time MeasureCamp participants.  We will tell you of the history of the event, how the day works & encourage you to get involved.

10:15 – MeasureCamp opening (main room).  For everyone to attend.  Get all the ground rules for the day plus hear of some of the special activities that will be happening during MeasureCamp.  Concludes with the opening of the MeasureCamp session board – cue a mad rush to claim desired rooms and time slots.

10:45 – Plan your day.   Check out what sessions are on the board and what you will be learning about during the day.  Maybe get inspired to add your own session to the board…

11am – Session 1

11:35 – Session 2

12:10 – Session 3

12:40 – Lunch.  Food will be plentiful and amazing.  Games will be held in the garden.  There will be laughter.  And likely some very geeky chats going on.  Hopefully a few more discussions being added to the MeasureCamp board as a result.

13:40 – Session 4

14:15 – Session 5

14:50 – Session 6

15:20 – Afternoon tea.  Sorry, no scones or cucumber sandwiches.  There will be treats and caffeine to get you through to the end of MeasureCamp.  Potentially even cookies (if you choose to accept them).  Plus more geeky discussions.

15:50 – Session 7

16:20 – Drinks will be served from the end of session 7 if you want to have a more relaxed final session…

16:25 – Session 8

16:55 – Sessions are over for the day.  Definitely grab a drink now and think about how much more you know about analytics after those eight sessions.

17:10 – MeasureCamp closing (main room).  Let’s relax & talk about some of the highlights of the day.  An excel spreadsheet may or may not fail.  Door prizes will be distributed.  Sponsors will be thanked.  Everyone who participated will be thanked.  Organisers will be relieved.

17:40 – Afterparty begins at a venue a short five minute walk from MeasureCamp.  Food and drinks will be supplied.  Continue those discussions, geeky or otherwise.

Note that while MeasureCamp is an unconference and impromptu event, we do keep to strict timings.  We give five minute warnings for sessions and we expect everyone to respect the time limit so that others can get into the room or get to their next session.

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