Saturday 30 Sep, 2023

Starting at 8.30am doors open

Etc Venues Fenchurch Street

etc.venues Fenchurch Street, 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB

That was MeasureCamp #3

That’s another MeasureCamp done and dusted.  It wasn’t quite unanimous but I agree with the majority view that this was the best MeasureCamp yet.  It was a bit of gamble, going in with a blank schedule board but fears were quickly relieved with that mad scramble seconds after the board was opened.  And I got to attend more sessions this time which basically means I got to have more fun.

Thank Yous

The first thank you goes to everyone who ran a session.  Any conference is all about the content, you all bought the content and made MeasureCamp what it was.  I have heard comments since then from various people, wishing they had of spoken, they definitely will next time.

<rant> Well to them I say step up.  Stop free loading off the efforts of everyone else (and enjoying the free food & drinks), give back to the community and run a session.  Nerve-wracking as it may be before, the applause at the end makes it all worthwhile… </rant>

A thank you does go to everyone who attended MeasureCamp, who participated in sessions, raised their points, had a discussion, talked to someone new.  MeasureCamp is defined by the community of people who attend and the success of it is due to the amount everyone puts into the day.  Again, incredible feedback from so many people that they just haven’t experienced elsewhere the willingness of people to share their ideas.

Of course, we need to thank the companies who supported the event financially.  So big thanks go to Calltracks, back for their 3rd MeasureCamp and to TrackPal, BIME and SweetSpot Intelligence who were with us for their first.  When you encounter these people, say thank you for the shirts, the food & drinks at the event, all of the books we gave out as prizes and of course, the drinks at the afterparty.


Speaking of prizes, congratulations again to Charles and Krishna for winning the eMetrics London tickets.  Looking forward to seeing you both there and hope you find this another great opportunity to learn (in a rather different format).  For everyone else, the 20% discount voucher of MEASURECAMP20 is still valid.

Congrats to Jessie who acquired both General Assembly training vouchers + a GAIQ voucher (somehow) & to the TrackPal team who also picked up a General Assembly training voucher.  I am still in search of the other winner of the GAIQ voucher – please email me.

Keep talking

There were many wonderful discussions at MeasureCamp, the problem now is how to continue those discussions.  There are many networking events coming up over the rest of the year and the London Web Analytics Meetup group is evolving into more of MeasureCamp style discussions.  If you haven’t already, join us on the MeasureCamp Google+ community (great place to get questions answered).

When we find some time, we will be adding all of the presentations that we can to the website along with links to other blogs posts.  And don’t forget MeasureBowling on Nov 14 – wherever you are in Europe, we will be there…

Next Steps

So what’s next? We had a mixed response during our Q&A survey at the end of the day.  A common response is to keep things exactly the same.  I think we need to evolve/improve while staying true to the original ideals.  We have many options/questions:

  • Do we move to a new, bigger venue that can fit more people?
  • Do we act more like a Barcamp and make it a two day event over the entire weekend?
  • Do we offer training workshops prior to MeasureCamp?
  • Do we create a conference to educate senior management about Analytics?
  • Do we add a charge to attend MeasureCamp?

Digital Analytics Week may be a step too far but I am not sure where the line should be…

To that end, I am calling an open meeting to discuss the future of MeasureCamp.  It will be on Tues 15th Oct from 6:30pm in a private room downstairs at

Duke & Duchess
2/3 Creed Lane

MeasureCamp belongs to the community and everyone’s feedback will be appreciated.  If you want to contribute but can’t make it, please email me on with your feedback/ideas.  If we decide to expand, the help of everyone who wants to volunteer to take a role will be appreciated.

Talk soon


Special Thank You

Final mention to Phil Pearce for running three or possibly four sessions at MeasureCamp (it may even have been five), all of which were jam packed full of incredible content and ideas.  I am sure that if we had voted for best presentation, he would have been very difficult to beat.

MeasureCamp #3 Session Board

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