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Trending skills in Web Analytics

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As a specialist data and analytics recruitment consultancy, Harnham work with clients across a swathe of industries including eCommerce, financial services, health, travel and gaming. Despite their vastly different markets and services, it is easy to draw similarities between the setup of their analytics functions and the requirements they have to future proof their capabilities. As the field of digital analytics grows and it no longer exists as a proviso of big businesses, the demand for Web Analysts goes from strength to strength with inevitable increases in salary.


Technical Web Analysts or roles with a focus on implementing web analytics tools is nothing new – there will always be the need to implement tracking to ensure that there is data for insights analysts to work with. Over the last few years we have seen a greater demand for experience implementing Adobe Analytics over GA, as it remains the technology stack of choice for many large UK businesses. Recently we have seen several organisations taking steps to build their own bespoke tools, although with the amount of investment required to achieve this, it is unlikely that we will see it across the industry, but it’s an exciting step nonetheless.

The growth in demand for permanent employees has surged as companies look to bring web analytics talent in house and avoid expensive agency or contractor rates (both fantastic career routes as well). Encouragingly, we have seen a large growth in the salaries available to an ever-growing number of senior implementation positions, hopefully increasing the attraction to stay in a highly technical role. As a junior analyst it is now essential to get a good grasp of tagging and implementation to future proof yourself.

 Multi-Channel Attribution

 Reporting on the ROI of digital marketing campaigns has long been a staple of Web Analysts and Digital Marketing Analysts. More recently, our clients have been looking for outstanding candidates who specialise in multi-channel attribution, as they are able to quantify the performance of different campaigns and advise on where marketing budgets will be most effectively spent. Candidates who are able to build their own attribution models from scratch are the most highly valued but also represent the minority alongside those with skills in tools like Google Attribution (Adometry).

Data Management Platforms

 Data Management Platforms (DMPs) continue to be a bit of a buzzword within digital marketing as their ability to pull together data from multiple sources and segment effectively is obviously valued. Most commonly, we are seeing companies using tools like Adobe Audience Manager, Oracle BlueKai, Salesforce DMP (Krux) and Lotame. Due to the fact that they are a relatively new asset for digital marketers/analysts, there is a real lack of knowledge and skills in the UK market and consequently many businesses are turning to digital agencies for support. The holy grail for these agencies is to recruit experienced specialists, people who understand the end to end process and can shape everything from the initial strategy and implementation to the daily operation.

As Recruitment sponsors Harnham will be available at MeasureCamp to discuss these trending skills further and the career opportunities available to you. Alternatively get in touch today by calling our London office on 0208 408 6070 or email us at

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