Saturday 26 Sep, 2020

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Supercharge your Knowledge with Training Workshops

Advanced Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful web analytics tools available, but most users only use a few of the more straightforward aspects. This 3 hour training session will go into detail on;

  • The range of reports available, including flow reports, multi channel attribution and demographic reports.
  • How to configure and leverage the different options in the property and view settings
  • How to create dashboards and custom reports to make actionable insight easy to collect
  • A whole bunch of tips, tricks and hacks from one of the best Google Analytics experts around

Once the full power of Google Analytics is available, it can be used to inform business decisions across the breadth of the company, and can be one of the most useful generators of business intelligence in the ecosystem.

This agenda will be 100% driven by the attendees, so make sure you bring your most complex questions and use cases to learn how GA can really supercharge your online decision making process with not just data, but relevant actionable insight.

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Tag Management Beyond GTM

This training sessions focuses on two of the enterprise level Tag Management Systems (TMS), Tealium IQ and Ensighten Manage. Both of these tools have a different approach and feature set, and are more aimed at enterprise level solutions where a free tool doesn’t have the level of security that befits something that sits at the heart of the marketing process.

This course will cover the available features, a comparison between the products, as well as;

  • User Security
  • Pre-built Tag templates
  • Custom JavaScript Tags
  • Variable and Event set up
  • publishing procedure
  • Testing implementations

This means that by the end of the session you will have an understanding of how the two tools work and can be deployed as well as the differences between each and GTM.

This is a great course if you are or may potentially be evaluating an enterprise level solution in the Tag Management space within your business or agency, or whether you just want to add another tool to your web analytics arsenal.

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CRO for Agencies & Practitioners 

CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimisation is a central point of most marketing and web teams. This practice is focused ensuring the website drives the most return on investment. Whether this be by improving load times, changing content or completely redesigning the UX, being able to measure, report on and improve the conversion rate of the website can have huge impacts on a business.

Our trainer will be covering;

  • Research
  • Building the CRO team
  • How to pitch CRO
  • Kick off processes
  • Tool selection
  • Operations
  • Methodologies
  • Running Tests
  • Wash-up and Reporting
  • Managing Client Meetings
  • Test Management and Archival
  • The Future of CRO.

This is a great workshop whether you are looking at starting this as a business, expanding your agency skill set or building an in house team, or even if you’re an existing practitioner and you want some guidance on process and advice on tests.

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